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Car Air Conditioning Vent Adjustment Actuator

Product Introduction:

ZHAOWEI Car Air Conditioning Vent Adjustment Actuator combines a micro stepper motor and a gear reducer to achieve infinite adjustment of air outlet volume and direction, as well as precise temperature control of the vehicle interior. This product features low energy consumption and easy maintenance, enabling the air outlet more uniform, as well as helping improve the overall airflow quality inside the car.

Car Air Conditioning Vent Adjustment Actuator

Product Solution:

The Car Air Conditioning Vent Actuator is an important component of the comfort system inside the car, and its function is to adjust the temperature and humidity of the air inside the car.

The design of the car air conditioning vents has gradually upgraded to the hidden style. Compared with the traditional car air conditioning vents, the hidden ones look more simple and comfortable. In addition, the air direction inside the car can be controlled through a sliding control bar, which is highly technological!

Based on the design style of the interior of the car, ZHAOWEI has launched a solution for the car conditioning vent adjustment actuator, which features high efficiency, high precision, and high reliability. Its core components can quickly respond to the driver's instructions, achieving precise control of the car's air outlet, and has the following features.

Long service life: After the optimization of the gears and the transmission structure, the gearbox has a long service life.

Small Volume and lightweight: Its largest shape size is 73*46*25, and it weighs about 50g.

Large static anti-backlash force: The gearbox has a relatively high static anti-backlash force, which can maintain the position of the blades within a certain range when powering off.  

Multiple operation modes: the motor adopts closed-loop control, and the actuator supports multiple speed modes selection.

Signal feedback: Lin2.x communication is adopted.

Customization: The control connector can be customized for different customers' use.

Low noise: The product features excellent noise reduction performance. At 1050pps and with a load of 0.1N.m, the motor noise is 40dB MAX.

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