How to Maintain Gear Motors

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1. Keep the environment dry

A gear motor performance is largely impacted by its working environment. If the gear motor works in a dusty or humid environment, its output speed, output torque, and other parameters could be affected that the motor could not work properly. Therefore, the most basic and important point is to provide a suitable application for the gear motor as much as possible. The user should ensure the working environment is safe enough and do basic and regular maintenance to avoid the adverse impact on the gear motor as much as possible. 

2. Do regular cleaning

Even though the user keeps the environment clean, the gear motor may inevitably be dusty without cleaning, which will cause adverse effects. So during daily use, the user should pay attention to keeping the surface of the gear motor clean and avoid the air inlet hindered by dust, fiber, and other foreign materials. 

3. Do periodical check

Periodical check is also an essential item of gear motor maintenance. When the gear motor working, unexpected conditions may occur. For example, if the thermal protection of the motor continuously occurs, the users should ascertain whether the fault is from the motor or the overload or the setting value of the protection device is too low. Therefore, it is necessary to do a regular inspection so as to find the fault in time.

4. Renew the components timely

Basically, the gear motor consists of a gearbox and a drive motor. The gearbox can be a planetary gearbox or spur gearbox, which consists of sun gears, planetary gears, and ring gears. While the drive motor can be a DC motor, BLDC motor, stepper motor, and coreless motor, which consists of a stator, rotor, bearing, and so on. The user can check the condition of the components regularly to replace the broken or use a new one. For example, when the end of the bearing life, the vibration, and noise of the motor will increase significantly. When the radial clearance of the bearing reaches the following values, the bearing should be replaced.

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