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Why Choose 24v Small DC Motors?

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As we all know, a small DC motor can work under 6v, 12v, or 24v. When the small DC motor match with a gearbox, it can be called gear motor or gear reducer, a mechanical transmission device that connects a motor to a driven load. How do we choose a gear motor working voltage?  


The micro 24v gear motor is one of the most widely used low-power reducers. Based on the common use that intends for use at a rated voltage of 24v DC, many 24v DC gear motor manufacturers provide several kinds of standard gear drive systems. Compared to other types of gear motor, the 24v gear motor has a much smaller wire than others, allowing for more efficient delivery of power. In addition, the 24v gear motor requires only half as much current.


Gear motors are specified to run at a stated rpm at a particular applied voltage and current with a specified loading. The running speed of a gear motor largely depends on its load. If the gear motor runs under a lighter load than its rated load, it will reduce its current consumption and increase its speed slightly even under the same voltage. 


The efficiency of the motor is defined as the ratio of energy it uses to produce the same amount of energy. While most motors can produce about the same amount of energy at optimum speeds, there are some differences. In general, a high-efficiency motor will produce more energy than one that is low-efficiency.

Why Choose 24v Small DC Motors?

By working with the professionals at ZHAOWEI, the design and manufacturing are handled by highly skilled engineers. As part of the buying process, a company representative can explain in greater detail the information specific to the type of gear motor you wish to purchase. The ZHAOWEI planetary gear motor 24v DC motor series consists of a drive motor, planetary gearbox, and optional encoder which have many uses ranging from automobiles to smart homes. The encoder which is mounted on the shaft and provides a quadrature output for precise reading of the motors relative position can be also modified based to your needs. Coupled with a gearbox, a multiple of the encoder’s accuracy (reduction ratio) can be achieved for a variety of speeds and torque.

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