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Autofocal Glasses Drive System

ZHAOWEI Autofocal Glasses Drive System is Bring a Technology Innovation to Eyeglasses

Here is a little-known fact: nearsighted people can simultaneously be troubled by presbyopia. A little surprising, isn't it? As people age, the natural stiffening of the crystalline lens and the change in the shape of the eyeball results in the alteration of eye’s original focal length, which is inevitable.

The term “vision correction” encompasses the process of refocusing visual images onto the retina through the use of refractive lenses. Wearing eyeglasses prescribed by ophthalmologists is a conventional method to obtain clear images with appropriate focus. However, as one’s vision fails over time, constantly prescribing new eyeglasses can be costly and inconvenient.

To address this issue, ZHAOWEI released its original-designed product, the Autofocal Eyeglasses Drive System, which has attracted the attention from both domestic and international market. This product is technically supported by ZHAOWEI gearbox design platform, simulation analysis and noise analysis software. It adopts a compact structure that integrates light sensors and precision screw nut transmission structure. Light sensors detect and convert light to a signal. The gearboxes that are incorporated within the drive system serve to drive the screw nut transmission structure, which is magnetically connected to the lens, thereby enabling its movement, thus achieving intelligent calibration and instant vision correction.

Autofocal Glasses Drive System

“Autofocal Eyeglasses is an innovative product.” says Mr. Thomas, who has spearheaded the development of autofocal eyeglasses drive system. “We have specifically used gear and motor systems with millimeter precision to our drive system, which reduced weight and achieved an enhanced overall wearing experience for the user."

The successful development of Autofocal Eyeglasses is just a pithy present of ZHAOWEI's commitment to technological innovation. ZHAOWEI is striving to create a new era of scientific advancement for the benefit of humanity.

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