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Zhaowei: Twenty-Three Years of Endeavor, Setting Sail on a New Journey

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Since 2001, Zhaowei Electronics has been deeply committed to the field of micro-drive technology, diligently studying, continuously innovating, and gradually emerging as a leader in the domestic micro-drive industry.

Zhaowei: Twenty-Three Years of Endeavor, Setting Sail on a New Journey

Zhaowei Electronics has consistently upheld independent research and technological innovation. Building on independent research and development as its foundation, the company utilizes industry-academia collaboration as a conduit, actively advancing the construction of research and development innovation platforms.

Drawing on years of expertise, Zhaowei Electronics has independently developed micro-drive design software and employed micro-MIM molding techniques to manufacture precision gears with up to 64 cavities in a single mold. Achieving sub-0.1mm module gear accuracy, the company has overcome challenges in micro-module planetary drive systems. Furthermore, Zhaowei Electronics has devised specialized lifespan testing equipment, contributed to national standards for injection molded gear precision, and implemented large-scale manufacturing. Expert evaluations confirm its attainment of international benchmarksZhaowei: Twenty-Three Years of Endeavor, Setting Sail on a New Journey

The company specializes in one-stop R&D and manufacturing capabilities, covering micro-drive system design, precision mold development, gear manufacturing, assembly, and testing. Focusing on drive control technology, it extends into motor drive control modules, offering integrated solutions for precision components, drive, and control systems. Additionally, Zhaowei Electronics expands into automotive electronics, healthcare, industrial equipment, consumer products, and robotics, enhancing its competitiveness.

Committed to the future, Zhaowei Electronics will keep advancing its R&D, equipment, and services. We closely follow industry trends, driven by our vision of enhancing micro-drive technology for a smarter life.

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