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ZHAOWEI Driver CES2024 exhibition review

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ZHAOWEI Driver CES2024 exhibition review

As the largest annual exhibition in the global consumer electronics industry, CES has always been regarded by the industry as an important vane for the development of technology products throughout the future year and even in the next few years.

ZHAOWEI Driver CES2024 exhibition review

Zhaowei brought high-performance motors and 10 star products to this CES exhibition to share with participants the innovation achievements in China's micro drive field.

Light up the future with technology

For more than 20 years, Zhaowei Electromechanical has deeply focused on the virtual reality field in CES. 0.1mm transmission accuracy assisted VR/MR Alignment focusing has joined hands with global host manufacturers to open a new era in the consumer electronics field

ZHAOWEI Driver CES2024 exhibition review

Let smart manufacturing lead life

The unique structural design of the high-performance motor eliminates the friction and wear of the traditional brush compared to the traditional motor has a long service life with higher power output and faster response speed, and its lightweight and efficient characteristics are ideal for modern automation and electrification

ZHAOWEI Driver CES2024 exhibition review

VR pupil distance adjustment drive system

The 4.3mm geared motor is exquisitely manufactured, small in size and light in weight, and the eye tracking system can accurately adjust the autonomous pupil distance to assist the visual focus of the headset during use

ZHAOWEI Driver CES2024 exhibition review

Gain recognition with quality

At the exhibition site, ZHAOWEI driver with its own excellent product force and focus in the field of micro drive, gained a high degree of recognition from host manufacturers around the world, and reached an initial cooperation intention with some brands, and in the future ZHAOWEI driver will continue to deepen cooperation with global partners to inject surging power into the global electronics consumer field.

ZHAOWEI Driver CES2024 exhibition review

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