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Drive System for Lawnmower Robot

Drive System for Lawnmower Robot

Lawnmower robot is an outdoor wheeled mobile robot. With the functions of automated mowing, grass clippings cleaning, automated rain avoidance, automated moving, automated obstacles avoidance, electronic virtual fences, automated re-charging and network control, this lawnmower robot is suitable for cutting and maintaining the lawns in the family garden and public green space.

                                                                               Drive System for Lawnmower Robot

After years of development, lawnmower robots gradually upgrade from heavy and large volume to flexible and light-weight. As the core parts in the lawnmower robots, micro drive system is the key to upgrade.

                                Drive System for Lawnmower Robot

As a national high-tech enterprise, ZHAOWEI is committed to the field of micro-drive and has rich experience in the micro-drive field of lawnmower robots, floor scrubbing machine, floor sweeping machine and swimming pool cleaning robots.

1.Relying on ZHAOWEI’s rich experience in gearbox transmission design and manufacture and precision manufacture technology, this drive system features high transmission efficiency, small volume and large torque, achieving functions of driving lawnmower robots to move forward, move backward and turn.

2.Adopting brushless motors, the service life of this drive system can reach 8000H.

3.This drive system adopts multi-stage parallel transmission to make itself more compact in structure, as well as reduce its thickness, dimension and weight, enabling our customer’ products more light weight and be of smaller size in volume.

4.Through the optimization of gear tooth and reasonable transmission design, this drive system can achieve the goal of operating with low noise, providing lawnmower robots end customer with more comfortable experience.

ZHAOWEI is a professional partner of our customers' micro drive system. We provide our customers with professional and customized solutions for lawnmower robots to help upgrade their products. For more details, please consult the online customer service on our website.

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