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Standard Gear Motors or Customized Solutions

Managing Your Risk

We use our professional technology and rich experience to help you reduce costs and manage your risk and finally get the solution that meets your application requirements perfectly.

Capabilities You can trust

Here you can choose a standard micro gear motor that suits your needs, or you tell me your detailed requirements, and we will be glad to provide the right solution for you. We have hundreds of thousands of sets of gear motor solutions covering a wide range of different markets, which enables you to exactly get the expected products from an off-the-shelf solution.

Customized for Your Application

We know your usage is unique, and we can provide professional customized service for you. Our team will work with you from customized prototypes, and initial testing to mass production at every step.

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Talk to Engineers

Standard Gear Motors

Diameter Voltage Range
Rated Speed Range
Max.Torque Range Reduction Ratio Specification
(mNm) ( Plastic Metal
3.4mm 3V customization 4.90mNm 5-625 pdf download Details
4.3mm 3V customization 13.72mNm 6-1296 pdf download pdf download Details
6mm 3-12V 4-1563rpm 24.51-58.83mNm 4.8-1707.9 pdf download pdf download Details
8mm 3-12V 14-3361rpm 4.90-73.55mNm 3.6-809.1 pdf download pdf download Details
10mm 3 - 24V 17-3917rpm 49.03-980.7mNm 3-809 pdf download pdf download Details
12mm 3-24V 6-1875rpm 1.96-198.13mNm 4-1296 pdf download pdf download Details
16mm 3-24V 6-1875rpm 294.2-490.33mNm 4-1296 pdf download pdf download Details
20mm 3-24V 6-1875rpm 588.4-980.66mNm 4-1296 pdf download pdf download Details
22mm 3-24V 6-1875rpm 784.53-1470.99mNm 4-1296 pdf download pdf download Details
24mm 3-24V 6-1875rpm 1470.99-1961.32mNm 4-1296 pdf download pdf download Details
28mm 3-24V 5-1658rpm 1470.99-3922.65mNm 4-1296 pdf download pdf download Details
32mm 3-24V 7-469rpm 2941.98-4903.31mNm 16-1078 pdf download pdf download Details
38mm 3-24V 4-1525rpm 7845.29mNm 4-1526 pdf download Details

Need Help or a Customized Solution?

We know that our standard gear motors don't meet the needs of all applications, so our engineers are always ready to provide the perfect solution for your unique application. The flow chart of our customized products is shown below, from parameter, product design, sample testing, to mass production, and we will serve you every step of the way.

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Case Study

Now our micro drive mechanisms have been running consistently in the applications of automobile, smart home, Industrial Equipment and others, and brings more added value of products. Contact us for your solution.



ZHAOWEI is a trusted manufacturer that designs, develops, and produce precision drive mechanisms. Our products includes micro gearbox, stepper gear motor, bldc gear motor, linear actuator, worm drive mechanism, which are used in a broad range of industries. For more than 20 years, we are devoted in providing micro drive solutions that suits application requirements of customers.
You can choose the product that meets your parameters from our standard products. If you think it is time-consuming, you can contact us without hesitation, and our engineers will propose the right solution according to your needs.
We currently have brushless motors, brushed motors, stepper motors, and coreless motors to choose from, each with its own advantages and characteristics. If you don't know how to choose, we will recommend the best motor for your needs.
Yes, we strictly abide by the ISO management system from product design, research and development to production, and our products comply with EU directives and CE standards; Meanwhile, we can also do other product quality certification according to customer needs. More+.
Yes, we can. We can provide micro drive solutions according to your requirements.
Sure, we will spare no effort to protect your new design.
Yes, we can provide samples for you. Our engineers will support you from trial testing to mass production.

Tell Us About Your Application Requirements

ZHAOWEI team is glad to help you choose the right micro gear motor to optimize your application. Please fill out the form below with the necessary information and our representative will respond to you as soon as possible.

Customer Service

ZHAOWEI’s micro drive systems apply in diverse areas all around the world to deliver the power, precision, and efficiency to motion solutions. Our sales and engineering support teams are ready to assist you with any questions, including quotation, application support, and product configuration. Please submit your requirements through our Custom Service Form to ensure a faster response.