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12V DC Gear Motor Specifications

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DC Gear Motor Specifications- Explained

A gear motor is the combination of a motor and a gearbox. The addition of a gearhead to a motor reduces the speed while increasing the torque output. DC gear motors come with a variety of specifications, and in regards to gear motors, the most important are speed (rpm), torque (lb-in), and efficiency (%). In order to select a suitable gear motor for your usage requirements, it’s necessary to calculate the appropriate load, speed, and torque.

ZHAOWEI offers a variety of Planetary Gear Motors that can be used in all types of scenarios. Most of our DC motors can be complemented with one of our gearheads, which results in a high torque low rpm gear motor. Here, we’ve used the popular 12V DC gear motor as an example to provide more information about 12V DC gear motor specifications pertaining to speed (rpm).  

dc geared motor 12v datasheet

12V DC Gear Motor Specifications – Speed (RPM)

When it comes to 12V DC gear motors, customers prefer to use the DC geared motor 12V datasheet instead of a general description without any parameters. In order to better meet the needs of customers who may or may not be familiar with motor parameters, we’ve enabled the customers to have a better understanding of a more suitable drive system with different parameters.

Case 1: Here is a product list of DC gear motor 12V 60 RPM specification (or comparable) provided by ZHAOWEI.

a) Rated Speed: 52 rpm, Max Speed: 208 rpm

Model: ZWBPD020020-144 (20MM Plastic)
Model: ZWBMD020020-144 (20MM Metal)
Model: ZWBPD024024-144 (24MM Plastic)
Model: ZWBMD024024-144(24MM Metal)

b) Rated Speed: 56 rpm, Max Speed: 226 rpm

Model: ZWBPD032032-133 (32MM Plastic)
Model: ZWBMD032032-133 (32MM Metal)

Case 2: Here is a product list of DC gear motor 12V 300 RPM specification (or comparable) provided by ZHAOWEI.

a) Rated Speed: 300 rpm, Max Speed: 1200 rpm

Model: ZWMD038038-25 (38MM Metal)

b) Rated Speed: 313 rpm, Max Speed: 1250 rpm

Model: ZWBPD020020-24 (20MM Plastic)
Model: ZWBMD020020-24 (20MM Metal)
Model: ZWBPD024024-24 (24MM Plastic)
Model: ZWBMD024024-24(24MM Metal)
Model: ZWBPD032032-24 (32MM Plastic)
Model: ZWBMD032032-24(32MM Metal)

Case 3: Here is a product list of 12V 30 RPM DC motor specifications (or comparable) provided by ZHAOWEI.

a) Rated Speed: 28 rpm, Max Speed: 110 rpm

Model: ZWBPD032032-272(32MM Plastic)
Model: ZWBMD032032-272(32MM Metal)

b) Rated Speed: 29 rpm, Max Speed: 117 rpm

Model: ZWBPD020020-256(20MM Plastic)
Model: ZWBMD020020-256(20MM Metal)
Model: ZWBPD024024-256(24MM Plastic)
Model: ZWBMD024024-256(24MM Metal)
Model: ZWMD038038-256(38MM Metal)

c) Rated Speed: 31 rpm, Max Speed: 123 rpm

Model: ZWMD038038-244(38MM Metal)

d) Rated Speed: 35 rpm, Max Speed: 139 rpm

Model: ZWBPD020020-216(20MM Plastic)
Model: ZWBMD020020-216(20MM Metal)
Model: ZWBPD024024-216 (24MM Plastic)
Model: ZWBMD024024-216(24MM Metal)

12V DC Gear Motor Specifications: What to Consider

Specifications for ZHAOWEI 12V DC gear motors have been listed above by speed. The specifications of each 12V DC gear motor are not limited to the figures above. In order to better meet design needs, it is vital for both customers and engineers to take the following basic tasks into consideration: 

  1. Calculate the required torque and RPM described in the functional requirement.
  2. Determine the availability of gear-head motors that meet the functional requirements and the design parameters.
  3. Compare the published specifications of the various gear-head motors to determine which will provide better value in terms of the constraints listed above.
  4. Choose one or several motors for prototyping and testing.

On our 12V Motor page, you’ll find a PDF version with more data about DC geared motors. The models mentioned above are standard types with a rated voltage of 12V. The models customer-specific; this means that customers can customize the parameters to meet their usage needs.

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