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Features and Applications of the Helical Gear Reducer

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The helical gear reducer adopts the popular design concept of the module combination and is characterized by small size, lightweight, high transmission torque, stable starting, and fine classification of the transmission ratio. Moreover, it can be connected according to user requirements in various installation positions. 

Features of the Helical Gear Reducer 

1. Space-saving, reliable, and durable, with high overload capacity.

2. Low energy consumption, high performance, and high efficiency.

3. Good meshing performance, stable transmission, low vibration and low noise.

4. The degree of coincidence is large. The load of each pair of teeth can be decreased, the bearing capacity of the gear is relatively increased, and the service life is long.

5. As the helical gear is in surface contact, the force area is large, and the transmission torque is high. Thus, it is often used on heavy machinery.

6. The minimum number of helical gear teeth is less than the minimum number of teeth of the spur gear; thus, the helical gear is less prone to undercut. 

7. The helical gear mechanism is more compact than the spur gear, small in size, light in weight and high in transmission precision.

8. Use high-quality forged steel material. The gear surface is subjected to high-frequency heat treatment.

Applications of Helical Gear Reducers

Per the industry and output power, the application fields are different. For example, the application fields of high-power helical gear reducer and low power helical gear reducer are different. 

High-power helical gear reducers are extensively used in mining, petroleum, energy, transportation, shipbuilding, heavy industry, construction, textile, printing, non-ferrous metals, automatic industrial equipment, steel, aviation, agriculture, fishing, logistics, and other fields.

Low-power helical gear reducer is extensively used in home automation, smart home appliances, smart kitchen and bathroom, communication equipment, 5G antenna, electronic products, robots, drone aircraft, printer equipment, car drives, intelligent transmission equipment, massage equipment, personal care tools, security testing equipment, smart photography, mechanical automation equipment, and other fields.

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