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Why Choose Planetary Gear Drive?

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Planetary gear drives are often used because of the advantages they have. In terms of structure, a planetary gearbox is composed of a planet ring gear, a sun gear, and a planet wheel shaft. The advantages of planetary gear drives are as follows:  

Small volume, compact structure, large bearing capacity

Generally speaking, the outer size and mass of the planetary gear drive are smaller than those of the general types when under the same load.  

High transmission efficiency

Due to the symmetry of the planetary gear transmission structure, the reaction forces acting on the center wheel and the slewing bearing are balanced with each other, thereby improving the transmission efficiency.    

planetary gearbox

Large transmission ratio

Planetary gear transmission has a compact structure and a large transmission ratio.  

Smooth movement, strong shock and vibration resistance

Due to the use of several planet wheels in the same structure, they are evenly distributed around the center wheel so that the planet wheels and the arm can be balanced. At the same time, the number of teeth involved in meshing is increased. Therefore, the transmission of planetary gear is stable, the ability to resist shock and vibration is strong, and the operation is more reliable.

Single-stage and multi-stage planetary gear trains can be customized according to customer needs. Our planetary gearbox can be used with all different kinds of motors such as stepper motors, brushed motors, brushless motors, and DC motors.

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