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The Working Principle of Gear Motors for Automotive Tailgates

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While the automotive tailgate brings us convenience, it also brings us trouble. The tailgate gear motor manufactured by ZHAOWEI is a product of the 4.0 era of automotive tailgates.

Working Principle of Electric Tailgate Support Rod

The tailgate support rod includes electrical and mechanical parts. The electrical part is composed of a DC motor, switch to control lifting, DC power supply, fuse, and cable.    

Gear Motor for Tailgate

The basic structure of the electric tailgate consists of two drive rods. The electric tailgate support rod is composed of an inner tube and an outer tube. The lead screw in the inner tube is driven by a gearbox, which is fixed onto a nut on the outer tube. The electric tailgate lever opens and closes the trunk lid spring through two drive rods driven by electric motors. With regard to the electric prop operations, the electric spindle inside the prop drives the action of supporting the trunk spring. The gear motor used for automotive tailgate latch lock also works. The gear motor used for the electric tailgate must have high torque, high efficiency, low noise, and smooth operation. ZHAOWEI’s gear motors meet these requirements.

ZHAOWEI continuously optimizes gears for power tailgate support rods and adjusts the gearbox structure to achieve high torque and low noise during operation during tailgate opening & closing.

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