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What Are the Phenomena Failures in Gear Motors?

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Gear motors are generally used in transmission devices with low speed and high torque. Electric motors, internal combustion engines, or other high-speed power machinery can run on the large gear on the gear output shaft. The larger gears mesh with a several gear teeth on the input shaft of the gear motor to achieve deceleration. Common geared motors will also have several pairs of gears based on the same principle to achieve the desired deceleration effect. The ratio of the number of teeth in the gear to the number of teeth in the pinion is the gear ratio. In the long-term operation of the geared motor, different types of motor failures including wear and leakage often occur. The following are the main signs of micro gearbox failure: 

  1. The wear of the bearing house of the gear motor including the wear of the housing bearing box, inner hole of the bearing box, and the planetary gearhead bearing box.
  2. The wear of the gear shaft in the axle diameter of the gear motor, mainly in the shaft head and keyway.
  3. The wear of bearings for transmission shafts of the gear motor.
  4. Joint surface leakage of gear motor.

Most companies use traditional measures to solve wear including welding repairing, and machining repair after brush plating. Both of these solutions come with some disadvantages: The thermal stress generated from welding repairing at high temperatures cannot be completely eliminated, which easily causes material damage, and leads to the bending, or breaking of parts. Brush plating is limited by the thickness of the plating layer, which can peel off easily. The two aforementioned methods “repair metal with metal”, which cannot change the “hard-hard” relationship. Under the combined effect of all forces, wear will happen again. Therefore, the following matters should be paid attention to in the use and maintenance of the gear motor:  

  1. The gear motor uses 460# medium-load industrial gear oil and the working environment temperature is 0~40℃.
  2. After the first 100-hour use, clean the inner cavity and replace with new gear oil, changing the oil every 2,000 hours thereafter.
  3. When disassembling and assembling the gear motor, avoid hammering to prevent damage to the regular parts.
  4. If oil leakage is found at the shaft extension or joint during use, the skeleton oil seal and other seals should be replaced in time.

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