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Introduction of 12V DC Micro Motor Products

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The 12V DC micromotor is a low-power precision reducer, which primarily comprises a DC motor and a reduction gearbox connected by a drive shaft. To improve product efficiency and decrease customer procurement costs, the reducer manufacturers are typically entrusted with customization services covering gearbox design, DC motor procurement, precision mold development, gearbox manufacturing, and integrated assembly. ZHAOWEI develops, designs, and manufactures miniature metal or plastic DC gear motors and provides customization services.

gear motor

ZHAOWEI planetary gear motor 12V DC motor series comprising drive motor, planetary gearbox, and encoder (optional) are available for various applications. The encoder mounted on the shaft and providing a quadrature output for precise reading of the motors relative position can also be adopted per your needs. Coupled with a gearbox, a multiple of the encoder’s accuracy (reduction ratio) can be realized for a variety of speed and torque.

Parameters of 12V DC Micro Motor (Case)

Outer diameter: 22mm
Material: Metal (or plastic)
Direction of rotation: cw&ccw
Gear backlash: ≤ 2 ° (can be customized)
Bearing: Porous bearing, Rolling bearing
Voltage: 12V (can be customized)
Current: 80-500mA (can be customized)
Reduction ratio: 16-1296 (can be customized)
Output speed: 5-1675 r/min (can be customized)

Product applications:

It is mostly used in home automation, automotive parts, electronic products, robotics, office equipment, communication equipment, and industrial automation equipment.

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