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Edgebander Cleaning Motor

Edgebander Cleaning Motor

With the rapid development of intelligent industrial equipment and the  consumption upgrade of furniture market, traditional wooden furniture market. The change of the end users’ consumption needs promotes the enterprises production modes develop towards high-quality ones.

Edgebander Cleaning Motor

Based on over 20 years of R&D experience in the field of micro drive, ZHAOWEI is committed to help the wooden furniture industry to upgrade the machining equipment. ZHAOWEI put forward a solution for the edgebander cleaning motor. Driven by the edgebander cleaning motor, machines can achieve the glue cleaning of the plates.

Edgebander Cleaning Motor has the following characteristics:

1、Comparing with the spur gearbox in the market, ZHAOWEI Edgebander Cleaning Motor adopts brushless motor and planetary gearbox structure, featuring a higher transmission efficiency and stability.

2、With the optimization of gear tooth and the combination of brushless motor, ZHAOWEI Edgebander Cleaning Motor has a longer service life. 

ZHAOWEI is a professional partner of our customers' micro drive system. We provide our customers with professional and customized solutions for lawnmower robot to help upgrade their products. For more details, please consult the online customer service on our website.

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