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ZHAOWEI Exhibits at Smart Production Solutions (SPS)

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SPS, the original SPS IPC Drives, is Europe’s big exhibition for electric automation. There are about 1700 manufacturers and nearly 63,300 visitors attending this exhibition from all over the world. People will get the chance to see cutting-edge automation technology and plenty of smart devices. This exhibition is considered a must-visit event for people of related industry, as it brings together main players from various sectors and provides insight of the latest trends and innovations.

ZHAOWEI, a micro drive systems manufacturer, is honored to be one of the SPS exhibitors from China.

ZHAOWEI Exhibits at Smart Production Solutions (SPS)

ZHAOWEI Exhibits at Smart Production Solutions (SPS)

At Smart Production Solutions (SPS), ZHAOWEI exhibits our star product, a 3.4mm metal planetary gear motor.  This gear motor can compete with similar products of famous brands, yet costs less. It’s a tiny model. If you have requirements for micro-drive systems for audio and visual equipment, household application, office automation equipment, automotive products, medical or industrial application, etc, you are free to come to us. Besides the standard gear motors, we can customize micro-drive systems on demand.

People at the exhibition showed much interest in our 3.4mm metal planetary gearheads, which did encourage us a lot.

ZHAOWEI Exhibits at Smart Production Solutions (SPS)

ZHAOWEI Exhibits at Smart Production Solutions (SPS)

ZHAOWEI will be in hall 3, booth 619. We will be there from November 26th to 28th, 2019. Hope to create more inspirational sparks there with you in Nuremberg. Our technicians and sales managers on-site will answer your questions in detail. Look forward to seeing you there!

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