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Automotive Tailgate Latch Lock Drive System
Automotive Tailgate Support Rod Drive System
Electric Park Brake (EPB) Drive System
Automotive Damper Actuator
EV Charging Plug Actuator
Automotive Flush Door Handle Actuator
Rated voltage:12VDC
Gear ratio:1:1
No-load current:2.0A MAX
No-load noise:62dB MAX
Operating temperature:-40℃~+90℃
Output end stroke length:1.0mm
Direction of rotation:cw&ccw
Noise: ≤42db (test in 10cm)
Gear ratio:39.9:1
Operating temperature:-40°C~90°C
Reverse rotating power:≤ 0.7N.M
Max torque:60N.M
Operating life:≥10万次
Noise: ≤65db (test in 50cm side under normal operating conditions)
Rated voltage:7.4VDC
Operating voltage range:6-8.4VDC
No-load speed:400±10%RPM
No-load current:350 mA MAX
Rated load torque:800 G.CM
Rated load speed:300±10%RPM
Rated load current:900 mA MAX
Operating life: >200H or >18000 cycles (a cycle defined as load rotating 20s and stop 3s, then reverse rotating 20s and stop 3s)
Noise: ≤65db (test in 10cm side without windshield)
Moving both directions during operation
Rated voltage:12V DC
Rated load
Stoke time: the output axis turns through 78°with a maximum time of 0.2S
Locked-rotor current:3.2A MAX
Reverse rotating torque: 6cN.m MAX (cw&ccw)
Operating life: >100000 cycles (a cycle defined as rotating 0.2s and stop 2.3s, then reverse rotating 0.2s and stop 2.3s)
Rated voltage:3.7V Rated speed:78±15% RPM
No-load current:565mA MAX
Load speed:65.3±15% RPM
Load current:1.1A MAX
Locked-rotor min
Locked-rotor current:6.0A MAX
No-load noise: ≤70dB (test in 10±1cm under 33db maximum environmental noise)
Operating life: 90000 cycle (under load)
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