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Automotive Tailgate Support Rod Gearbox

These, electric tailgates on cars have many convenient functions, including intelligent clamping, emergency locking, and many more. Electric tailgates are associated with electric trunks, which can be opened and closed using a remote control. The ZHAOWEI gear motor for electric tailgate support rods makes the opening and closing more stable and effective.

Automotive Tailgate Support Rod Gearbox

Electric Tailgate

Drive System for Tailgate Support Rod

Power Tailgate motor

Gearbox drive module

Project difficulty: solve the difficulty of small torque of electric push rod motor of automobile tailgate and the noise problem of electric tailgate gearbox

Solution: optimize the overall tailgate electric push rod motor and gear scheme and adjust the structure of tailgate gearbox

The push rod motor of automobile tailgate not only brings us convenience, but also creates trouble in the process of use! The tailgate motor drive rod manufactured by Zhaowei is a product in the era of automobile tailgate 4.0. The main shaft driver is composed of an inner pipe and an outer pipe. The push rod motor and gearbox in the inner pipe drive a threaded main shaft, which moves on the threaded nut fixed on the inner side of the outer pipe. The electric strut push rod uses the electric main shaft located in the motor inside the strut to open and close the trunk lid. The spring also plays an auxiliary role in the lid opening operation.

Automobile push rod gearbox (automobile electric tailgate push rod motor gearbox scheme) is developed and designed for specific customers and is only displayed as the scheme of automobile tailgate push rod motor gearbox. We can design, develop and produce products according to the special needs of customers, not just sales.

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