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How to Choose the Right Curtain Motor?

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The motorized curtains drive system includes a gear motor, a pulley, and a belt. The gear motor can achieve CW & CCW rotation using a controller so that the gear motor drives the curtain to move along the track. Based on the type of curtain, motors are mainly divided into tubular motors, opening and closing curtain motors, Venetian blind motors, roman curtain motors, honeycomb curtain motors, ceiling curtain motors, and more.  


There are so many electric curtain motor suppliers on the market offering various parameters. So how do we know which curtain motors to choose? Here are some specific methods that can be referenced:  

Motor Power

Electric curtain motors must ensure the entire curtain operates smoothly. If the power supplied by the  curtain motor isn’t enough, it won’t be able to move the motorized curtain to the designated spot. On the other hand, if there’s too much power, it’ll be a waste. This is the reason why it’s important to choose a motor based on your specific needs.


Whether the curtains are used at home or in the office, they should operate at a low noise. For this reason, the second factor to consider when choosing a motor is whether it can run with low or no noise. For consumers, knowing the specific noise level before making a purchase is important.

Service Life

This can be determined through a combination of factors such as noise level and motor power. Machines with a long service life will provide a better experience for consumers. Some manufacturers of curtain motors, including ZHAOWEI, place great importance on this aspect.

After-Sales Service

When the machine is in use, faults can sometimes occur. When faults happen, repairs should be made by the electric curtain motor supplier. If a manufacturer does not have after-sales service, it will affect the customer’s experience. For this reason, buyers need to take after-sales service into consideration when choosing a curtain gear motor (also called curtain motor) manufacturer.


Electric curtains can be controlled wirelessly using a motor drive. When it comes to installation, there are both built-in and external types. For built-in electric curtains, the motor cannot be seen; only the track can be seen from the surface and motor runs inside the track. For  external type motors, the motor is exposed outside as the name suggests. Consumers can choose the suitable type according to their preferences.

Wide Customizable Range of Electric Curtain Gear Motor Offered by ZHAOWEI:

Diameter: 3.4mm-38 mm
Voltage: 1.5-24 V
Power: 0.01-40W
Output Speed: 5-2000rpm
Output Torque:1.0

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