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How Does the Gear Motor Drive the Electronic Blocks?

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Building blocks help develop intelligence, training children’s hand-eye coordination ability. When building blocks, children must be involved in proportion, symmetry, and other issues, which is conducive to their early training. Building block toys are good friends of every child; they can not only exercise children’s creativity and imagination but also develop their spatial wisdom. When it comes to building blocks, people first think of traditional building blocks. Children may grow up and do not like to play anymore. Thus, intelligent electronic blocks have become one of the new ways of building blocks evolution.   

The intelligent electronic building blocks are compatible with popular mainstream graphics programming software and are integrated with graphics programming software and R&D supporting courses. These can provide programming education software and hardware services for children and teenagers over 6 years. Through the heuristic teaching of children and young people and the practical operation of intelligent building blocks, such as sound and light control, it can train children’s ability to understand and augment the logical thinking ability and creative creativity of children and young people.   


How does the gear motor drive the electronic blocks?

First, a smart control motherboard, photoelectric sensors, and building block motors are intelligently combined for more intelligent responses. Second, with the gear rotation, the motor shaft pulls the gear to drive the crawler, one wheel after another. Finally, the optical signal is converted into an electrical signal by a photoelectric sensor so that the building block motor starts.  

Electronic blocks can assist children to know more about some subjects, such as mechanics, engineering, and electricals, building a fascinating spiritual world. To fulfill the needs of walking, grabbing, shooting, or load-bearing of intelligent building block drives, ZHAOWEI built-in motor gearbox for electronic blocks can be customized per customers’ needs.

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