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Micro Drive System for the Adjustable Rearview Mirror

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In traffic accidents due to blind areas, the vast majority are caused by incorrect rearview mirror adjustment and poor driving habits. So, how to adjust the rearview mirror to eliminate blind spots? Indeed, the blind spots of vehicles cannot be eliminated entirely.

Per a survey, when the rearview mirror is adjusted correctly, the right and left rearview mirrors, along with the rearview mirror in the car, provide an additional 60 view for the driver. A person can see approximately 200 view in front of him when he turns his eyeballs without turning his head back. That is, with the aid of the rearview mirror, the driver’s viewing angle is nearly 260, implying that even if the rearview mirror is adjusted correctly, there is still a blind area of nearly 100. That is, the blind area cannot be eliminated at all, thereby making it impossible to eliminate accidents due to hidden danger. In the right way, accidents can be prevented, and the hidden dangers be decreased.

The electrically adjustable module for the rearview mirror helps to freely adjust the angle, which can effectively decrease the visual blind spots of the car without any hidden dangers. It is a miniature gearbox transmission system.

Car light adjustment

The electrically adjustable module for the automobile rearview mirror is a miniature small-power gear motor. The customized technical parameters developed by ZHAOWEI are as follows:

Diameter: 3.4mm-38 mm
Voltage: ﹤24V
Output power: ﹤50W
Output speed: 5rpm-2000 rpm
Reduction ratio: 5-1500
Output torque: 1.0

In addition, the technical parameters of the gear motor of the rearview mirror electric adjustment module are different based on the needs of various manufacturers and types of automobiles; thus, it is possible to customize the technical parameters. ZHAOWEI Machinery & Electronics Co., Ltd. is always committed to providing customizable auto rearview mirror electric adjustable gear motors.

Micro Drive System for Adjustable Rearview Mirror:

Material Plastic
Outer diameter 12mm
Operating temperature -20℃~+85℃
Direction of rotation cw&ccw
Gear backlash ≤2°
Voltage (Optional) 3V~24V
Bearing Porous bearing/Rolling bearing
Input speed ≤30000rpm
Axial endplay ≤0.3mm/≤0.2mm
Current 250mA max
Radial load on output shaft ≤5N/≤10N
Motors (Optional) Stepper/Brushless/DC Motor

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