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What is Gear Motor?

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 What is gear motor? You might encounter this question often. Although it seems like a simple question, it is not. Gear motor, also known as gear reduction motor, denotes the integration of gearbox and motor, which is often assembled by reducer manufacturers and supplied as a set comprising motor and gearhead. Gear motors have different types and uses owing to different gearbox structures, diameter specifications, and power supply. ZHAOWEI Drive always strives to develop, design, and manufacture micro-precision gear motors. Here is a detailed introduction to gear motor. 

Chapter 1: Micro Gear Motor

Gear Motor Working Principle

The gear motor markedly decreases the speed by passing the motor power through the gearbox, thereby increasing the output torque of the gear motor to fulfill the needs of the mechanical equipment. When the output speed of the motor is input from the driveshaft, the small gear rotates and drives the large gear to move.

Although the large gear is larger than the small one, the speed of the former is slower than that of the latter. It is output by the shaft (output shaft) of the large gear and used as output deceleration; this power transmission equipment uses different stages of transmission to increase torque and decrease speed, which comprises gear pairs in different stages of transmission. It is typically used in low-speed and high-torque transmission device, which realizes the purpose of reduction by passing the high-speed operating power through the gear meshing between the gears with fewer teeth on the input shaft of the reducer and large gears on the output shaft. Several gears are available in general gear motors, which can attain the ideal reduction effect with the same working principle.

The gear ratio of two gears is the ratio of the number of teeth of the larger gear to the number of teeth of the smaller gear. The gear motor is a power transmission mechanism that uses a gear speed converter to decelerate the number of revolutions of an electric motor (motor) to a desired number of revolutions and attain a large torque. In the current transmission power and motion mechanism, micro gear motor functions in a broad range of applications. According to the working principle, how can the motor be called micro, mini, or miniature motor? Here, we take mini DC motor as an example; it usually means that the DC motor can operate by being powered by only a few volts and very low current.

A Rough Classification of Micro Gear Motor:

Classified by gear types: coaxial helical gear motors, planetary gear motors, parallel shaft-helical gear motors, bevel gear-helical gear motors, worm-bevel gear motors;

Classified by the type of drive motor: DC gear motor with mini DC motor, geared stepper motor, coreless gear motor, gear motor, etc.;

Classified by the power: high-power geared motor, low-power geared motor.

Three Main Functions of Gear Motor:

  1. Reduce the speed: The required motor speed can be attained by passing the motor power through the gearbox, which is often referred to as the output speed.
  2. Increase the torque: Under the same power condition, the slower the output speed is, the higher the torque is, and vice versa.
  3. Alter the drive direction: For example, the bevel gear motor can transmit torque at 90°.

Chapter 2: Main Member in Micro Gear Motor Family- DC Gear Motor 

DC Gear Motor Applications

DC gear motor often denotes the integration of mini DC motor and micro gearbox. ZHAOWEI provides the mini DC motor series with customizable parameters covering from 3.4 to 45 mm. Its applications vary according to the power supply. 

  • High-power gear motors are extensively used in the food industry, electric machinery, construction machinery, metallurgical machinery, cement machinery, environmental protection machinery, electronic appliances, road construction machinery, water conservancy machinery, chemical machinery, mining machinery, conveying machinery, building materials machinery, rubber machinery, and petroleum machinery.
  • Low-power geared motors are broadly used in smart homes, electronic products, smart automobiles, robots, automatic industrial equipment, mechanical and electrical products, home appliances, office equipment, and smart wearable devices.

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