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Why Do Gear Motors Produce an Abnormal Noise and How to Solve It?

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The gear motor is an independent component composed of gear transmission, worm transmission, and gear-worm transmission, and is enclosed in a rigid housing. It plays the role of matching speed and transferring torque between the prime mover and working machine or actuator, and is widely used in modern machinery. The abnormal noise and gearbox noise produced by the gear motor during use will affect the operating efficiency of the gear motor and even cause malfunctions. According to the analysis of gear noise, these are the main causes for abnormal noise in gear motors, and their solutions:  

1. Foreign Body in Planetary Gear Motor

The abnormal sound produced by foreign bodies in the planetary gear motor is clear and irregular, mainly due to small parts, assembly tools, and other foreign objects accidentally falling into the gear motor during installation. If this happens, remove the foreign body and check if the gear is damaged. 

2. Parts Are Damaged And Fall off

The abnormal noise caused by the damage and falling off of parts is clear and irregular, because the planetary gear motor often bears a large load impact during operation. This can cause the  long-term bearing damage, and the bearing, gear tooth, and other parts can fall off. Clear the parts which have fallen off, and replace the damaged parts in time. 

3. Large Bearing Clearance

Large bearing clearance means that the clearance between the roller, and the inner and outer rings is too large. When working, the rolling elements collide with the inner and outer rings, producing abnormal noise. The abnormal noise caused by the large bearing clearance is clear, continuous, and periodic, and increases with the increase in rotational speed. The bearing is mainly composed of four parts: inner ring, outer ring, rolling element, and cage. 

4. Gear Backlash Is Too Large

The abnormal noise and turbidity caused by the large gear backlash usually occurs once the gear motor is started and disappears during continuous operation. During gear meshing transmission, in order to form a lubricating oil film between the meshing tooth profiles and avoid jamming due to the frictional thermal expansion of the gear teeth, a gap must be left between tooth profiles, which is called gear backlash. If it is too small, thermal expansion will cause the meshing gear to jam, and if it is too large, it will produce a strong impact when the teeth contact, resulting in abnormal sound. 

5. The Inconcentricity between Parts

The abnormal noise produced by the concentricity between parts is turbid, continuous and periodic. Generally speaking, the concentricity between parts will not affect the product performance, but if the deviation exceeds the allowed range, abnormal noise will be generated, and even the service life of the gear motor will be affected. The concentricity between parts causes abnormal gear meshing, uneven working load distribution, unbalanced force, and abnormal noise. 

6. Clash between Gears

This abnormal noise is particularly loud, accompanied by the impact, which often sounds like a click, and is periodic. It is recommended to replace the gear and inner ring. 

7. Inadequate Lubricant

Because gear motors are often installed in equipment, it is impossible to detect the leakage of lubricant in time. This possibly leads to no lubrication protection between the gears, which accelerates the gear damage and produces the abnormal noise.

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