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Door Lock Motor Drive System Enhances Smart Life

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Increasing demands for enhanced home and office security, and rising concerns regarding the safety and security of individuals’ assets, are major factors expected to boost the growth of the smart door lock market. Transparency Market Research states that the global digital door lock system will exhibit a 32.8% CAGR between 2016 and 2024. Expanding at this pace, the market is expected to increase from a valuation of US$920.7 million in 2015, to US$11.23 billion by 2024. The statistics present fierce market competition amongst different smart door lock manufacturers, and potential opportunities.   

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Beating the Competition, and Seizing Opportunities

ZHAOWEI has applied cloud intelligence and IT technology, to develop an intelligent door lock drive system to help you stand out from competitors, effectively seizing market opportunities. Bid farewell to keys, and welcome in smart life. The IT intelligence lock is accessible via smartphone, aimed at simplifying lives. But obviously, no matter how smart a lock is, security is a priority, and a basic requirement. Basically, when you attach great importance to them, you can create a winning competitive advantage. The motor plays an indispensable role in the industrial chain of smart door locks, which can be a critical factor in boosting the market penetration of your smart door lock. ZHAOWEI keeps all of these in mind.  

ZHAOWEI Helps Upgrade Smart Door Locks 

By implanting the gear motor into the lock core system, the unlocking speed increases, enhancing the security of smart door locks, improves the unlocking reliability, and prolongs its service life.  

  • Improve Unlocking Speed

he actual lock core is gourd-shaped and runs through both sides of the lock body. A transmission device in the lock core comes to control the expansion of the bolt when the key rotates. The ZHAOWEI smart door lock drive system uses a reduction gearbox combined with a gear motor for better performance, which effectively controls the unlocking and locking function of the lock core, driven by the smart lock motor. The lock core design driven by the gear motor makes the lock core controllable, and improves the unlocking speed.  

  • Enable the Security of Unlocking

As for the safety of the door lock, the lock core is the key point. The ordinary lock pin is controlled by the front panel. The digital door lock motor in ZHAOWEI’s smart door lock drive system directly cooperates with the lock core in the lock core system, to form a smart lock control panel and a post-processing system. In addition, special defensive measures have been taken to support anti-electromagnetic interference, and have passed electromagnetic interference tests of different powers and various failure analyses. It can help to resist magnetic interference and avoid open circuits, that may allow strangers to open the door when a short circuit in the smart door lock occurs.  

  • Build the Reliability of Unlocking

The reliability of unlocking is also what ZHAOWEI aims to achieve. The lock core micro gearbox has various transmission ratios you to choose from. 2-stage, 3-stage and 4-stage transmission changes are available for customization so that the reduction ratio, stator speed and torque can be achieved based on the driving demand of the clutch motor in the lock body. This helps fulfill the smart drive with compact structure, strong dynamic, high efficiency, and high torque. In addition, this can prevent users from being unable to start the smart fingerprint door lock motor, bringing higher reliability.  

  • Allow a Wide Range of Applications

The smart door lock gear motor used in this scheme has achieved good debugging performance, and a good volume-performance ratio in anti-vibration/shock testing, and high/low temperature testing. In addition, low electromagnetic interference and low-noise testing has shown low-noise, dynamic performance, energy-efficiency, and long service life. The lock core clutch motor gearbox has also passed the salt spray (fog) test – in other words, ZHAOWEI’s smart lock drive system is still feasible and useful in coastal cities.  


The gear motor used in smart door locks enhances smarter lives fo user looking for a locking solution. It is necessary to take full advantage of gear motors to improve your keyless door lock system. Once you choose ZHAOWEI’s smart lock drive system, you’ll no longer need to be afraid of the small black box, and start to turn competition into opportunities.

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