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ZHAOWEI Driveline Optimizes Power Tailgate Performance

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ZHAOWEI Drive has adopted micro-drive technology to optimize the automobile power tailgate performance. The power tailgate control unit enables to open and close car tailgate automatically with programmable height. Thus, the automobile tailgate can be operated using buttons on the lid, sensor and/or the key fob.

With continuous growth in the automobile sctor, the automotive power liftgate market is also pegged to register significant growth globally. According to Automotive Tailgate Market by Allied Market Research, the global automotive tailgate industry is expected to reach $17.17 billion by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 5.3% from 2019 to 2026. Upcoming technologies and innovations in the automotive industry, especially a hands-free system for the opening and closing of tailgates, will drive the popularity. Automobile manufacturers face several challenges, owing to the presence of numerous competitors in the automotive sector. This competition further intensifies with new ideas that lead to innovative product launches.

ZHAOWEI Drive approaches as a prominent partner in the automotive tailgate support rod market, aiming to provide powerful drivelines in vehicles. It focuses on forging long-term alliances with automobile manufacturers to enhance the quality of the material used and to design good drive systems.

liftgate motor

A tailgate, also called a liftgate, is a door at the back of an automobile and plays an essential role in each automobile. In spite of many conveniences, it has its drawbacks like lifting difficulty and annoying noise when opening and closing. To solve such problems, the ideal match of power liftgate motor and planetary gearheads is adopted by ZHAOWEI to meet the performance requirements of reducing speed, increasing torque and improving transmission, thus optimizing the security, comfort and reliability of intelligent power tailgates.

Precision Positioning & Low Noise

The basic structure of the motorized tailgate is two mandrel drive rods. The drive rod is composed of an inner tube and an outer tube. The liftgate motor and tailgate gear in the inner tube drive a threaded spindle. The threaded spindle moves on the screw nut which fixed to the inside of the outer tube. With regard to the operation of the electric prop, the electric spindle inside the prop drives the operation of the supportive trunk spring. The gear motor for automotive tailgate latch lock also functions. During the opening or closing of the electric tailgate, the tailgate can be operated with adjustable height as desired via remote control. In the whole process, by optimizing the gear drive configuration, precision positioning will be achieved and noise level will be greatly reduced to where the motor is hardly audible during operation.

tailgate gear

Intelligent & Reliable Detection

Moreover, qualified electric tailgate products embrace the function of intelligent detection of obstacles and emergency braking. When the tailgate encounters an obstacle, it can be automatically retracted to prevent the motor from being burned out and avoid accidental pinching or damage to the vehicle. ZHAOWEI relies on the principle of anti-clamping that the ECU monitors the motor speed. When the tailgate encounters obstacles, the power liftgate motor speed drops below the set limit along with high torque. At the same time, the current consumption increases and the power supply to the gear motor is reversed, so that the trunk will move in the opposite direction.

Electrically operated tailgates are an increasingly common comfort feature on today’s and future automobiles. ZHAOWEI power tailgate drive permits optimal integration into the widest variety of vehicle concepts. It is capable of opening and closing even large and heavy tailgates covering from SUVs, hatchbacks, minivans to sedans. The power tailgate control unit consists of a gear set, a housing, and a powerful motor, which provides additional security and value to the automobile.

“Our drivelines exemplify high quality and functionality, low noise emissions, compact design and flexible operation options so that easy hands-free tailgate opening and closing can be realized. Our production on the kits is increasing to cover more vehicle’s with customization services.” said the Product Engineer of ZHAOWEI. “As a reliable partner, we continue to satisfy current market trends and meet the requirements of the automotive sector. We are still providing a variety of functions for every comfort application in the automobile.”

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