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A Documentary Film of ZHAOWEI

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zhaoweis documentary

How did Haizhou Li, an ordinary worker, grow into the leader of an enterprise? How does a small factory develop into an experienced manufacturer of micro gear motor step by step?

Forty years might be a flick in history. However, Shenzhen has developed from a small fishing village into a cosmopolitan city over the forty years, creating a renowned Shenzhen speed. Encouraged by the slogan “If you come, you are a Shenzhener.”, batches of trendy trendsetters have emerged in Shenzhen. It has been 29 years since Haizhou Li came to Shenzhen. He has witnessed the changes of this city. He has also grown from an ordinary worker to a successful entrepreneur.

Haizhou Li founded Shenzhen ZhaoWei Machinery & Electronics Co., Ltd. He borrowed money to purchase two or three injection molding machines and lived in a rental house with his wife. During this period, Li Haizhou began to learn and research how to make more precise and tiny gear motors. Under his leadership, ZHAOWEI has gradually developed into a gear motor supplier with a reputation.

At an exhibition held in Shanghai, ZHAOWEI’s products attracted the attention of Japan Sankyo. Japan Sankyo tried to cooperate with ZHAOWEI. Haizhou Li impressed the customer with his tenacity and ZHAOWEI obtained a lot of orders from Japan Sankyo.

ZHAOWEI finally entered into the precision motor manufacturing industry and became a supplier of motor components for companies such as Sankyo, Panasonic, and Sanyo. ZHAOWEI has been continuously introducing better manufacturing equipment to improve the technological level, which also laid a solid foundation for them to enter the field of precision gear components.

After years of development, ZHAOWEI has become an enterprise that is experienced in the production of intelligent transmission systems. In the era of intelligence, ZHAOWEI has committed to manufacturing high-quality products for robots, smart homes, automobiles, and communications, etc., providing people with access to smart life.

Welcome to watch “Intelligent Production with Craftsmanship: Original Aspiration and the Craftsmanship”.

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