Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) Motor


Metal / Plastic
1.2 MAX
Operating Temperature
Voltage Range
12 V
Rated Speed Range (rpm)
2900 RPM
Max.Torque Range(>


Every driver sooner or later finds himself/herself in a situation where an emergency braking is necessary. Emergency braking or even braking on a wet or slippery surface can cause the wheels of the vehicle to lock. Locking wheels reduce the adhesion between tires and the road surface and make the vehicle unsteerable. The antilock braking system (ABS) motor from ZHAOWEI prevents the wheels from locking and enables safe braking.

Operation principle of the antilock braking system

The hydraulic unit is the central component of an ABS system. It includes valves that control braking pressure at each individual wheel, a return pump, and an electronic control unit. In addition, each of the four wheels has a wheel-speed sensor. They measure the speed of each wheel and transmit this information to the control unit. If a wheel is about to lock under heavy braking, the system reduces the braking pressure on that single wheel until the threat of locking is past. Once the wheel turns freely again, brake pressure is again increased. This increase and release of pressure continues until the driver reduces the force applied to the brake pedal, or until the tendency to lock is overcome – if there is more grip on the road surface, for instance. Depending on the particular system, the brake pedal may pulsate.


  1. The intervention of ZHAOWEI 's  ABS pump motor will happen when the speed differential indicates that the wheel is sliding. The braking will be adjusted by the pressure release and recover in the ABS drive and the braking force will be adjusted via the micro-drive system controller. All these allow drivers perform multiple braking actions within a few seconds after pressing the brake in an emergency, shorten the braking distance and prevent the motorbike from drifting or overturning, thus increasing safety.
  2. With the advantages of small size, light weight, low cost, and the function of fault information storage and self-diagnostic interface, ZHAOWEI Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) is added to the traditional braking system to adapt to different conditions of ground adhesion, thus ensuring driving safety and comfort.
  3. ZHAOWEI can provide personalized product design, development, and production according to the customers' special needs and customize ABS drive modules for different vehicles such as balance bikes, electric bikes and two wheeler.

ABS application

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