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Automotive Tailgate Support Rod Motor

Plastc (customizable)
12V (customizable)
No-load Speed
Rated Speed
Reduction Ratio
Direction of Rotation
Automotive Tailgate Support Rod Motor
Automotive Tailgate Support Rod Motor
Automotive Tailgate Support Rod Motor

Project Difficulty

Aim to solve the technical problems of low torque and large noise of the electric automotive tailgate support rod.

Product Description

The gear motor for the automotive tailgate support rod is designed and developed for designated customers. This is only the showcase. Besides selling standard products, ZHAOWEI can provide design, research and manufacture for customers based on their specific needs as well.

Project Introduction

Optimize the gear motor for electric tailgate support rod and adjust the gearbox structure.


Now the electric tailgate is more convenient than before:

  1. To avoid the inconvenience of opening the tailgate when a person is holding many objects, the driver and passengers can now open and close the tailgate by pressing the button on the lid, remote control, sensor and/or the key fob.
  2. When an obstacle is encountered during the process of opening or closing the electric tailgate, the gate will move in the opposite direction, which can effectively prevent children from being injured or prevent the car from being damaged.
  3. When there is an unusual condition requiring an emergency stop in the process of the opening or the closing of the electric tailgate, it is possible to use the remote key or the tailgate button to make the tailgate stop at any time.
  4. The open height of the electric tailgate is adjustable. The owner of the vehicle can set up the final open height of the tailgate by using the manual button according to his or her usage pattern. The operation is comfortable and convenient.
  5. In order to support the weight of the electric tailgate of the SUV, ZHAOWEI adopts the electric spindle in the internal motor of the tailgate support rod to open and close the trunk cover spring, thus opening the electric tailgate.

* The gear motor for the automotive tailgate support rod should be stable, low-noise and high-torque. ZHAOWEI gear motors meet these requirements.

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