Automotive Tailgate Latch Lock Motor


Plastic/Metal (customizable)
No-load Speed
Reduction Ratio
Direction of Rotation
Voltage Range
12V (customizable)
Rated Speed Range (rpm)

Product Description

The Tailgate Lock Actuator for automotive is designed and developed for designated customers. This is only the showcase. Besides selling standard products, ZHAOWEI can provide design, research and manufacture for customers based on their specific needs as well.

Pain points

The current tailgate lock actuators on the market have insufficient torque and are noisy during use


Optimize and adjust the structure of the gear and the whole scheme of the car’s electric tailgate lock actuators

Product Introduction

Automotive tailgate brings us convenience as well as trouble during use. The gear motor for tailgate manufactured by ZHAOWEI is a product of the automotive tailgate 4.0 era. Optimize the gearbox with actuator of the whole automotive tailgate drawline and adjust the structure of the control line for high torque and low noise.

It consists of spindle thread actuator and outer tubes. The inner tube of the motor and the gearbox transmits a threaded spindle, which is fixed on the screw nut of the inside of the outer tube to move. Electric push rod adopts the electric spindle in the electric spindle motor to open and close the trunk lid spring as well as to help open the trunk cover.


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ZHAOWEI’s micro drive systems apply in diverse areas all around the world to deliver the power, precision, and efficiency to motion solutions. Our sales and engineering support teams are ready to assist you with any questions, including quotation, application support, and product configuration. Please submit your requirements through our Custom Service Form to ensure a faster response.

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