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What are the Advantages of Gear Motor for Automatic Reclosing Switch?

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massive failures. Transient faults make up about 80% to 90% of the total number of faults. Through this number, we can learn that it is quite possible to overlap disconnected lines successfully. Circuit reconnection can be done manually, but it’s not time effective when there are blackouts.   

To improve the reliability of power supply lines, an automatic reclosing device is usually applied to the operation of disconnected lines instead of the manual way. Automatic reclosing is a protective function of a miniature circuit breaker and an automatic device that automatically switches circuit breakers that have tripped due to faults back into operation as required. The application of automatic reclosing can improve the segmentation and over-current capacity of the power system, improving the continuity and quality for users. The product is mainly used in industrial, commercial, high-rise residential buildings, and other buildings for stable and reliable operation.   


The miniature reclosing motor is a miniature gear motor product used with an electrical circuit switch. The main transmission structure consists of a drive motor and a gearbox. The ZHAOWEI gear motor for automatic reclosing uses multistage helical worm gears. It can adjust the transmission structure for automatic reclosing, optimize performance, and prolong service life, allowing for intelligent opening and closing of the circuit breaker.  

Technical parameters of gear motors for reclosing vary by field, which means gear motors for automatic reclosing devices are usually developed with customized technical parameters. For example, a drive motor can utilize a DC motor, brushed motor, brushless motor, stepper motor or coreless motor as its drive source. A gearbox can use a planetary gearbox, normal gearbox, worm gearbox, and cylindrical gearbox as the reduction device. ZHAOWEI provides customization services based on different technical parameter requirements. Customizable parameters include output speed, power, voltage, current, reduction ratio, torque, diameter, and gear materials.

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