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What is the Drive Motor Structure for AGVs?

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An automated guided vehicle (AGV) is a truck equipped with electromagnetic or optical automatic guiding devices that can run along a prescribed guidance path and have load shifting functions including protection and prevention. As an unmanned truck in industrial applications, AGV uses rechargeable batteries as a power source. The driving route and movement of the AGV can be controlled by a computer or an electromagnetic path-tracking system. AGV moves or acts according to the information from the electromagnetic path rods on the floor.   

Unmanned driving is the most prominent feature of AGV. The automatic guidance system equipped on the AGV can help the car automatically transport goods to the destination according to the predetermined route. Other features of AGV include great flexibility, high degree of automation, and intelligence.   

The route of the AGV can be adjusted according to changing requirements including storage location and production process. In comparison with traditional conveyor belts and rigid transmission lines, the cost of changing the operating route is low. The loading and unloading structure equipped on the AGV can automatically connect with other logistics devices, achieving the automation of loading, unloading, and handling processes. The AGV micro motor is a low-powered micro drive motor, and the main structure consists of a brushless DC motor and gearbox. The drive motor uses a brushless DC motor as the drive source, and the gearbox can use a planetary gearbox or worm gearbox.    

Planetary gearbox structure

The AGV planetary gearbox structure has a subsystem with speed control and braking capacities, which include motor, gearbox, drive, control, and drive circuits. The drive system is generally closed-loop and open-loop. The former often uses a servo DC motor, and the latter uses a stepper motor.  

The parameter specification of Brushless DC motor for AGV developed by  ZHAOWEI  is shown below:
Diameter: 3.4mm-38 mm
Voltage: under 24V
Output power: under 50 W
Output speed: 5rpm to 1500 pm
Speed ratio: 5-2000
Output torque: 1.0
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