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Uses of Micro Gear Motors in 5G Commercial Communication

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5G, or fifth generation technology standard, is the latest wireless mobile phone technology which was widely deployed in 2019. 5G is expected to increase performance and a wide range of new applications. Nowadays, 5G commercial communication fastens the development of artificial intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT), smart homes, intelligent logistics, smart cities, automatic driving, and medical technology. There are many areas where 5G is set to transform the way things are done. That’s where micro gear motors come in. When 5G is involved, micro gear motors can be used as a transmission source and driving module. Let’s learn about the ways that micro gear drive systems can be used in the 5G era.

Smart Homes

In smart home equipment including home automation, home internet, and network appliances, micro gear motor drive systems can be used with intelligent air conditioning switches, remote controls, electric curtains, smart locks, environmental monitoring, home video devices, lighting systems, and intelligent kitchens and toilets.  

Artificial Intelligence

In the field of artificial intelligence, micro gear motors can be used with intelligent drive modules including machine vision, intelligent service robots, intelligent interactive robots, intelligent control, fingerprint/retinal/iris recognition, and automatic planning & design.  


Devices Related to the Internet of Things 

IoT devices include pieces of hardware, such as sensors, actuators, gadgets, appliances, and machines that are programmed for certain applications and can transmit data over the internet or other networks. Uses of micro gear motors in terms of the Internet of Things involves many fields, including industry, agriculture, environment, traffic, logistics, and security. Micro gear motor drive systems are widely used in these fields, covering intelligent industrial manufacturing arms, intelligent traffic lights, ATMs, automatic cash registers, vending machines, intelligent cameras, intelligent feeders, smart furniture, and intelligent factories. 

Intelligent Logistics

With the abilities of thinking, perception, learning, judgment, and problem solving, intelligent logistics uses integration and intelligent technology, enabling logistics systems to imitate human intelligence. Using Internet of Things technology like bar codes, radio frequency identification, sensors, and global positioning systems, intelligent logistics is extensively used in fields like transportation, storage, distribution, packing, and handling by the means of information processing and network communication technology platform. Micro gear motor drive systems can achieve automatic operation and efficient management when it comes to transmission, improving the service level of the logistics industry, and reducing costs and consumption of natural and social resources.

Intelligent Medicine

Intelligent medicine involves intelligent hospital systems, regional health systems, and family health systems. Micro gear motor drive systems are widely used in the field of intelligent medicine. For example, micro drive systems for medical tools can help the hospital achieve intelligent medical treatment for people and intelligent management for things. Micro drive systems also support digitization, management, storage, transmission, the sharing of information including internal medical information, devices, medicine, personnel and management, and achieve visualization of material management, as well the digitization of medical information & medical processes, and improve service communication.

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