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What is a Brushless DC Motor?

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A brushless DC motor is made up of a motor and a driver. Also known as a BLDC motor, it’s a typical mechatronic product. Brushless motor do not have brushes or commutators (or a slip ring) and are also known as commutatorless DC motors. In the 19th century when the motor was invented, the practical motor was produced without a brush. It was an AC squirrel-cage asynchronous motor, which was widely used at that time.   

Brushless DC motors have various uses, including in automobiles, tools, smart homes, electronic products, industrial robots, smart robots, logistics equipment, medical equipment, industrial control, automation, and aerospace. In general, brushless DC electric motors can be mainly used in the following three scenarios: 

  1. Continuous load, mainly including scenarios that require a certain speed but do not require high accuracy, including fans, pumps, hairdryers, etc. They mostly have open-loop control and a lower cost.
  2. Variable load applications, mainly including scenarios where the speed needs to be changed within a certain range and there are higher requirements for motor speed and dynamic response time. Household appliances, spin dryers and compressors are good examples of uses in these scenarios. In the automotive industry, oil pump control, electric controllers, engine control, and more. The system cost in these scenarios is relatively higher.
  3. Positioning applications, mainly including industrial control and scenarios with automatic control are part of this category. There is energy transmission in this type of scenario, so there are special requirements for the dynamic response and torque. In addition, the requirements for the controller need to be met and synchronization equipment may be used for speed measurement. Process control, machinery control, and transportation control are part of this category as well.

Brushless DC gear motors are widely used reduction motor equipment . Parameters: diameter: 3.4-38mm, voltage: 1.5-24V, power: 0.01-40W, output speed: 5-2000rpm and output torque: 1.0

Features of BLDC motor:

  1. BLDC motors have no carbon brush and low interference. Without a carbon brush, no electric spark will be generated when the BLDC motor drive system is running, greatly reducing the electric spark's interference to remote control radio equipment.
  2. Low noise and smooth operation. Since it doesn’t have a brush, friction is greatly reduced during operation. This means that the noise is much lower and the brushless DC gear motor’s running stability is greatly improved.
  3. Long service life and low maintenance cost. After removing the carbon brush, the main abrasion of the BLDC motor lies on the bearing. In a mechanical sense, the brushless geared motor can be considered maintenance-free. Only dust removal is required when necessary.

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