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Drive Systems for Adaptive Cruise Control

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In recent years, self-driving systems have been at the forefront of the global automobile industry. Many automobile manufacturers have taken the opportunity to develop and improve related technology to create new travel experiences for their customers. Different from normal guidance systems, adaptive cruise control systems for the car can display real-time information on the windshield, including traffic conditions, pedestrians, and warning alarms. When the car stops, the driver can watch movies or TV shows on the windshield.   

Being an ideal function for long-distance driving, cruise control systems (CCS) are used for driving at a fixed speed and regarded as a self-driving device by many drivers. When the cruise control system is on, the fuel supply of the accelerator is controlled by a computer. The CCS adjusts the accelerator according to the traffic conditions and maintains the speed that is set in advance, reducing driver fatigue and saving fuel, thus achieving saving money and creating convenience for drivers.   

Autonomous Driving Technology

Self-driving Car Technology

Based on the development of CCS, adaptive cruise control (ACC) has been developed with a higher level of intelligence. Due to the sensor installed on the vehicle body, ACC can detect obstructions around the car within a certain range. Through computer calculation and processing, the car can carry out operational reactions such as deceleration. If the lane of the car deviates from the control system, a primary driving system will be enabled. The system achieves automatic direction control using a camera installed on the front side of the car. The detecting function of the camera relies on its gear motor with automatic adjustment. 

Micro gear motor

Micro Gear Motor

Micro gear motor drive system developed by ZHAOWEI empowers automatic driving cruise systems for smart cars.

The structure specification of our drive systems is below

Diameter: 3.4-38mm
Voltage: below 24 V
Output power: below 50 W
Output speed: 5-2000rpm
Gear ratio: 5-1500
Output torque:

ZHAOWEI micro gear motors can be also used with the regulatory system for car headlights, rear-vision mirrors, HUD, power seats, safety belts, etc. In addition, ZHAOWEI can customize and develop drive systems according to your specific requirements.

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