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What Can Gear Motors Be Used for?

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Gear motors are the combination of gearbox (reducer) and drive motor (micro motor). Gear reducers are typically used for low-speed and high-torque transmission equipment. Usually, the motor is combined with several pairs of gears to attain the ideal reduction effect. The transmission ratio is the ratio of the teeth number of the large gear and small gear. With the continuous development of intelligence, ever more companies are using gear motor. Gear motor’s functions are as follows: 

Gear Motor’s Function:

  • Decrease the speed while increasing the output torque. The output torque is increased by multiplying the torque by the gear ratio minus some efficiency losses. Notably, the rated torque of the reducer cannot be exceeded.
  • The inertia of the load is decreased at the same time. The load inertia is reduced by the gear ratio squared.

Regarding micro gear reducer parameters, the power can be as low as 0.5W, the voltage starts from 3V, and the diameter ranges from 3.4 to 38mm. It offers the advantages of small size, lightweight, low noise, durable gear, long service life, high torque, and a wide reduction ratio range. The gear motors can be applied for smart homes, medical technology, consumer electronics, intelligent robot, home appliance, and personal care.

  1. Smart Home: widely used in electric curtains, robot vacuum, household sensor trash cans, smart door locks, electric blinds, home audio-visual equipment, portable air dryers, smart flip toilets, etc.
  2. Intelligent Robot: widely used in projects such as intelligent voice interactive robots, children educational robots, intelligent robot vacuum, and intelligent medical robots.
  3. Medical Technology: can be applied to surgical stapling devices, pulse lavage systems, IV pumps, etc.
  4. Automobile: can be used for electric power steering (EPS), automotive tailgate latch lock, electric park brake (EPB), electric head restraint, etc.
  5. Electronic products and personal care products: can be applied to rotating camera of mobile phone, beauty meter, nano water replenishing equipment, electric toothbrush, automatic hair curlers, smart mouse, smart electric rotating pan-tilt camera, etc.

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