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Introduction of Custom Gear Motor Service

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 Nonstandard custom gear motor denotes customizing, designing, developing, and manufacturing gear motors based on the actual application requirements. The customizable options include the following: 

  • Application parameters (the output power, speed, voltage, reduction ratio, output torque, transmission noise, transmission precision, etc.)
  • Type of motors (brushed DC motor, brushless DC motor, stepper motor, coreless motor, servo motor, etc. )
  • Structural types of gearboxes (metal gearbox and plastic gearbox)

ZHAOWEI Machinery & Electronics Co., Ltd strives to research & develop, design and manufacture gearboxes with a series of custom development services for non-standard gear motors.

Technical parameter range of non-standard custom gear motors:

1. Precision gear motors and planetary gearboxes; Diameter: 3.4mm-38mm, Voltage: 1.5-24V; Power: 0.01-40W; Output speed: 5-2000rpm, Output torque: 1.0;
2. Customization from design concept to assembly of gear drive systems;
3. High-resolution encoders, and drive electronics for motion and speed control;
4. Plastic or metal gearheads for high torque, low noise and long service life;
5. Application: automobile, smart home appliances, intelligent robot, consumer electronics, communication technology, medical application, personal care, etc.

panetary gearbox

Application fields:

Nonstandard custom gear motor services for various fields and industries mainly include intelligent automobiles, medical electronics & personal care tools, 5G communication devices, logistics transmission, city transmission, smart home, robotics, consumer electronics, automation equipment, electric tools, household appliances, etc.

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