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Which Motor is Suitable for an Automobile Air Purifier?

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With the development of the automotive industry, many demands for automotive configuration have changed. Consumers are paying more attention to the performance of automobile air purifiers. Air purification is an important requirement of passengers, and high demands are placed on the air ventilation process. This suggests that automobile air purifiers should be high performing.   

Various automobile purification products have been developed to meet consumer requirements. However, due to the restrictions on the air exchange rate, power and filter area of the car air purifier, the air purification time is long, with limited effects, restricting the product upgrade of car air purifier. The working principle is that the motor and the fan in the machine circulate the indoor air, and the polluted air passes through the air filter in the machine, removing various pollutants. The intelligent air purification system can detect the air quality in cars, and purify the air consistently, providing high-quality air inside cars. When the concentration level of particulate matter (PM) in the air is "severe" or "serious", and the smart air purification function is activated, the vehicle’s air conditioning system will begin to purify the air inside. If the car window is open, the air purification system automatically shuts. When the vehicle enters a tunnel, and PM2.5 exceeds the limit, the system will automatically switch the air conditioner to internal circulation mode to shield the dirty air outside the car. Once the vehicle exits the tunnel, the system will automatically switch to the external circulation mode, intelligently creating a "mobile oxygen chamber" for users. 


The brushless motor plays a vital role in the air purification process. The performance of brushless motor directly determines the wind power and purification effect, and affects intuitive user experience, such as noise and vibration of the machine. In other words, the motor is the core component of the air purifier. The transmission component modules of the smart car air purification systems include a gear motor for air conditioner damper actuator, a gear motor for electric door and window, and a gear motor for grid air intake adjustment. The transmission module is also modified depending on the drive motor and gear motor.   

In order to improve the air quality in the car, air purification technology has gradually received attention. In addition, people's awareness of health and environmental protection continues to increase, and car air purifiers are becoming increasingly popular in the market. ZHAOWEI provides customized service according to our clients’ requirements.

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