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The Parameters and Applications of Mini Gear Reducer

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Micro, or mini gear reducer, also known as low-speed reduction gearbox, is a commonly used reduction motor transmission equipment. It is less than 38mm in diameter, 24V in voltage, and 50W in output power. Micro gearboxes are compact and cost-effective, and are widely used in fields including smart communications, smart cars, smart robots, smart homes, smart cities, smart logistics, smart wearable devices, consumer electronics, and digital products. ZHAOWEI Machinery & Electronics Co., Ltd is committed to the R&D, design, and manufacturing of mini speed reducers and micro transmission systems.   

The outer diameter of the mini gear reducer ranges between 3.4-38mm. Gearboxes are divided into plastic gearboxes and metal gearboxes according to their material. Voltage ranges between 3V-24V, transmission noise is lower than 45dB. The reduction ratio ranges from 5-1500, and the output speed, from 5-2000rpm. Output torque ranges from Transmission precision is within 1-2 arc minutes. It is a precision mini reducer. Features of the miniature gearbox include compact structure, compact size, beautiful appearance, strong overload capacity, good transmission ratio classification, wide selection range, low energy consumption, good performance, reducer efficiency up to 96%, small vibration, and low noise. The low-speed reducer gearbox has strong versatility, and is easy to use and maintain with low maintenance cost. This new type of speed reducer has a new sealing system, which enables it to work in harsh environments that can be more corrosive and humid.   

The mini speed reducer gearbox is developed and manufactured with customized technical parameters. It can be customized according to requirements, and can be used in smart communications, smart cars, smart robots, smart homes, smart cities, smart logistics and other fields. 

  1. Smart communication. 5G base station antenna, radio frequency antenna, mobile phone lift camera, rotating camera, conference video ESC module.
  1. Automobiles. Electric seat adjustment, automatic steering wheel adjustment, headlight adjuster, rearview mirror adjustment, electric tailgate, glass lifter, instrument panel, and automobile sunroof.
  1. Consumer electronics. Smart mouse, smartwatch, smart lift socket, tablet computer, VR headset adjustment, smartphone photo printer, etc.

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