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How to Reduce DC Motor Noise?

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The noise of a low-noise DC geared motor during transmission can be less than 45dB. The DC gear motor consists of a drive motor (DC motor), and a reduction gear (gearbox). The low-noise DC motor improves the noise of the existing DC motor during operation.

In order to achieve noise-reduction in the DC motor, the following technical methods are adopted: The brushed DC gear motor consists of the DC motor body with a back cover, the first oil bearing, brushes, the rotor, the stator, the second oil bearing, and a reduction gearbox. The left side of the oil bearing is sleeved on the inside of the back cover. The left side of the brush penetrates into the inside of the back cover, and the left ends of the brush are respectively sleeved between the top and bottom of the right side of the back cover. This reduces the noise generated by the DC motor, and prevents excessive noise cause by friction like in ordinary bearings. The brush setting reduces friction between the brush and the commutator, thereby reducing the noise of the DC motor when in use.Here are some examples on how electric motor noise can be reduced:  

  1. Abrasion between the carbon brush and the commutator of the DC motor: Pay attention to the lathe machining of the DC motor. The ideal method is to experiment and explore detailed technical parameters.
  2. Noise generally occurs because the main body of the carbon brush is not smooth enough, and the running-in treatment is not good. In addition, the commutator piece is wear over long periods of operations. After running for long periods, problems such as overheating and loud noise will occur. Solution: Grind the main body to fully lubricate it, replace the commutator, and apply lubricating  oil regularly to slow down wear.
  3. The sound of DC motor bearings. This noise can be suppressed by replacing the DC motor bearings. Many factors can damage the bearing, such as compression to the bearing, incorrect force point, the shaft and the bearing are too tight, or imbalanced radial force is applied to the bearing.

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