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Types of DC Motor Models

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Gear motor is a piece of relatively precise equipment that is used to reduce speed and increase torque. It has a wide variety of models and different types of models have different uses. There are many kinds of gear motors.

gear motor

According to transmission type, they can be divided into gear motors, worm gear motors, and planetary gear motors; According to different transmission stages, they can be divided into single-stage reducers and multi-stage reducers; According to the gear shape, they can be divided into cylindrical gear motors, bevel gear motors, and tapered-cylindrical gear motors; According to the transmission layout, they can be divided into unfolding-type, shunt-type, and coaxial-type reducers; According to the power supply, they can be divided into high-power gear motors and low-power gear motors.  The low-power micro gear motors are often used in intelligent robots, industrial automation, intelligent wearable devices, consumer electronics, etc.

DC Motor Models:

①ZWBPD Series: ZWBPD006006、ZWBPD010010、ZWBPD016016、ZWBPD020020、ZWBPD022022、ZWBPD024024、ZWBPD028028

② ZWPD Series: ZWPD008008、ZWPD012012、ZWPD032032

③ZWBMD Series: ZWBMD003003、ZWBMD004004、ZWBMD006006、ZWBMD010010、ZWBMD020020、ZWBMD022022、ZWBMD024024、ZWBMD028028、ZWBMD032032

④ ZWMD Series: ZWMD008008、ZWMD012012、ZWMD016016、ZWMD038038

Explanation of DC Motor Models:

ZWBPD Series: ZW–ZHAOWEI (Manufacturer); B–Brand-new gearbox; PD–Plastic gear; Number–Diameter & Specification

ZWPD Series: ZW–ZHAOWEI (Manufacturer); PD–Plastic gear; Number–Diameter & Specification

ZWBMD Series: ZW–ZHAOWEI (Manufacturer); B–Brand-new gearbox; MD–Metal gear; Number–Diameter & Specification

ZWPD Series: ZW–ZHAOWEI (Manufacturer); MD–Metal gear; Number–Diameter & Specification

Range of Customizable Parameters:

Diameter: 3.4mm-38 mm
Power: 0.01-40W
Output speed: 5-2000rpm
Voltage: 1.5V-24V
Gear ratio: 5-1500
Output torque: 1

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