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Embracing Change: ZHAOWEI attend Auto Shanghai 2021

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We, ZHAOWEI Drive, have confirmed our attendance at the Embracing Change The 19th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition, held on April 1928, 2021, at the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai). At the exhibition, ZHAOWEI (Booth: 6BF261, Stock Code: 003021) will exhibit powerful micro-drive technology toward the Automobile Drive System and a portfolio of drive systems ranging from 3.4 to 45 mm.

Auto Shanghai 2021 is organized by the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, Shanghai Council for the Promotion of International Trade, and China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Automotive Sub-Council, co-organized by Shanghai International Exhibition Co., Ltd., with the European co-organizer Messe Muenchen Group/IMAG.

The theme of Auto Shanghai 2021 is “Embracing Change.” While the world is enduring the pandemic in full force, production methods, industrial forms, business models, and international patterns have undergone profound changes, and the traditional automotive industry is also facing the same enormous pressure of adjustment and reconstruction. As a representative enterprise in the micro-drive system, ZHAOWEI keeps up with the trend of the digital economy and timely improve its strategic plans to further integrate novel industrial technologies other than being limited to the industry’s traditional manufacturing methods.

Embrace new chances, Trace new trends

ZHAOWEI continues to focus on intelligent drive solutions—one of the mature products is Electric Park Brake (EPB) Gearbox. To make the gearbox respond in a short time and output large torque under high current, by analyzing and designing the electric park brake system, ZHAOWEI modifies the gears and tooth profiles of the electric park brake system, achieving small volume and large torque, and low noise and decreasing the impact of product noise and vibration on the performance of the module.

In addition, Electronic Lock of EV Charger Plug Drive Module is another high-quality product. We use the reduction gearbox and the screw rod to make the charging plug stably stay in the buckle of the socket or the fixed seat when the charging pile is moving forward, and the anti-off lock function is attained. When the charging is completed (in the reverse movement) and the socket or the buckle of the fixed seat is separated, the unlocking function is attained, which improves the charging safety, and the electric vehicle can be charged under the condition of unattended care.

“Under a new round of scientific and industrial revolution, scientific and technological achievements are updated at high speed, and excellent products are emerging at home and abroad,” said the Director of ZHAOWEI, “Only by continuously integrating emerging technologies and continuously applying non-traditional platforms can we ride on the times of the technological revolution. ZHAOWEI believes that the automotive industry will become a strong engine to drive global economic recovery.”

At Auto Shanghai 2021, ZHAOWEI will exhibit our latest products and technological advancements and exhibit how they apply to the automobile drive system by VR. We are waiting for you from April 21 to 24. Welcome to our booth (Booth: 6BF261) and come to browse our drive systems and chat with our technical engineers!

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