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ZHAOWEI Invites You to Attend AUTO Guangzhou 2021

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We, ZHAOWEI Drive, have confirmed to attend the 19th Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition, which is held from Nov 19 to Nov 22, 2021, at CIEFC • Pazhou • Guangzhou. At the exhibition, ZHAOWEI (Booth: B Zone, Hall 10.2 C06, Stock Code: 003021) will show our latest technology fruits and products to you.

auto guangzhou 2021

With the theme “New technology, New life”, Auto Guangzhou 2021 focus on the development of new energy car and set an autonomous driving experience zone to show the latest technology.  ZHAOWEI, as a long-established enterprise in the field of micro drive system, has never been satisfied with the existing products in the past 20 years, never stop innovating and developing, and has independently researched and developed many high-quality products with low energy consumption and high efficiency.

On the exhibition, ZHAOWEI will display drive systems in the automotive field, including, Screen Rotating Drive System, Automotive EPB gearbox, automotive spoilers lifting actuator, Charging plug actuator, ABS actuator, Concealed door handle actuator, Automobile tailgate drive system, automotive roof monitor flipping drive system, Damper actuator, etc.

ZHAOWEI invites you to attend the event and find us at booth B Zone, Hall 10.2 C06! Come and see the high-end technology!

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