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Gear Motor Maintenance Technical Requirements

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The gear motor is a commonly used gear drive equipment, which is damaged in the long run, thereby affecting the effect of use. To improve the quality and working efficiency of the gear motor, it is crucial to get scientific and reasonable gear motor maintenance. Here, we will introduce nine types of technical standards commonly adopted in the gear motor maintenance. 


  1. 1.Remove the coupling and check for centering and wear.
  2. Check the body for defects and damage, measure and check the sealing condition of the split.
  3. Clean oil, dirt, and debris in the gearbox, and check the degree of tooth wear; check tolerance clearance and meshing condition.
  4. Check the bearing, measure, and adjust the clearance.
  5. During the operation, when the oil temperature exceeds 80C or the oil tank temperature exceeds 100C and abnormal noise is produced, the operation should be stopped. After checking the cause, the fault must be removed, and the lubricating oil must be replaced before continuing to use.
  6. When changing oil, wait until the reducer cools down, and there is no danger of burning; however, keep it warm because after complete cooling, the viscosity of oil increases, making the oil drainage challenging. Note: Cut off the power supply of the transmission device to prevent accidental electrification.
  7. The first oil change should be made after the operation of 200–300 hours. In future use, the quality of oil should be regularly checked, and the oil mixed with impurities or deterioration should be replaced timely. The gear motor that has been out of service for a long time should also be replaced with new oil before restarting, which cannot be mixed with oil of different grades and can only be mixed with the oil of the same grade with different viscosity.
  8. The user should know reasonable rules and regulations for use and maintenance and make careful records of the operation and problems found in the inspection of the gear motor. The above-described provisions should be strictly implemented.
  9. When the gear motor fails, even if the reducer seal is good, the factory still often finds that the gear oil inside the gear motor is emulsified, the bearing has rusted, corroded, and damaged; this is caused by the moisture condensation from the gear oil as it cools. Of course, it also closely correlates with bearing quality and assembly process method.

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