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What is a Gear Reduction Motor?

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A gear motor denotes an electric motor with a gearbox. In terms of the gearbox, gear motors can be organized into gear reduction motor, variable-speed gear motor, and increasing-speed gear motor. Generally, the gear motor implies the gear reduction motor, as it accounts for most gear motors. Hence, a gear reduction motor is a motor coupled with a set of gears to decrease speed and increase torque. For a single motor, the slower the motor speed, the larger the motor size. Moreover, a larger motor is more expensive and is unsuitable for some compact space applications. Here comes the gear reduction motor. Using a small motor with a gearbox can markedly decrease speed and increase torque, which allows for small space applications. 

How Does A Gear Reduction Motor Work?

The gear reduction motor uses all levels of gear transmission to achieve speed reduction. The gearbox of the gear motor comprises various gear pairs. A small gear can be used to drive a large gear to attain a specific reduction. Such structure can significantly decrease speed. The gear reduction motor is usually used for low-speed and high-torque transmission equipment. The gear with fewer teeth on the input shaft of the gearbox will mesh with a larger gear on the output shaft to achieve deceleration of the high-speed rotating electric motor. The gear ratio or reduction ratio is the ratio of the number of teeth of the large and small gears. However, for a planetary gear motor, which is a common type in a gear motor, the calculation of the reduction ratio is different. Typically, a planetary gearbox has several stages. For example, if the available reduction ratios for a one-stage gearbox are 4, 6, the gear ratios for a two-stage planetary gearbox are multiple of these (4  4, 4  6, and 6  6). The gear ratio for a three-stage gearbox is the multiple of these gear ratios of three stages. 

What are the Characteristics of a Gear Reduction Motor?

  • Reduce speed at your discretion
  • Low energy consumption, excellent performance, and efficiency as high as 95%
  • Space-saving, reliable and durable, high overload capacity, and customizable rated voltage
  • Precision machining enables accurate positioning. The gear reduction motor comprises the gear transmission and various motors, creating a mechanical–electrical integration, which improves the product quality.
  • Low vibration, low noise, high energy-saving, high-frequency heat treatment on the surface of the gear.
  • The gear motor adopts a serialized and modular design concept and has a broad range of adaptability. There are plenty of choices of motor and gearbox combinations for you to choose from.

What are the Application Scenarios of Gear Reduction Motor?

Gear reduction motors are broadly used and are indispensable power equipment for mechanical equipment, especially in today’s era of increasing mechanical dependence. Given below are some examples of applications: 

  • Automobile: The gear reduction motor can be used for microdrive system for EV charging pile lock, electric power steering (EPS), auto power tailgate, and electric park brake (EPB)
  • Smart Homes: Smart lifting table, electric curtain
  • Intelligent Robot: Robot joint, intelligent escort robot, robot eye system, automatic feeder, and building block drive system
  • Consumer Electronics: All-screen phone camera, electric rotating camera for phone, intelligent portable photo printer for mobile phone, smart bike lock, automatic hair curler, e-cigarette cleaning part, vending machine, and electric screwdriver
  • Communication Technology: Base station antenna
  • Medical Technology: Surgical stapling device
  • Personal Care: Fascia gun, electric foot grinder, treadmill pedal, water replenishing instrument, facial pore cleanser, and face cleanser

If the rotary machine, like an engine or a motor, cannot provide the required output speed and torque in a small space, a micro gear motor or small gear motor should be put into use. While the parameters of most gear reduction motor should be customized for the specific application scenario, you can come to ZHAOWEI for help, which provides various types of customized drive systems for customers.

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