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Micro Drive Motion Systems for Vacuum Cleaners Leads the Next Evolution of Smart Homes

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ZHAOWEI Machinery & Electronics Co., Ltd. has launched micro drive motion systems for both cordless handheld vacuum cleaners and robot vacuum cleaners. ZHAOWEI works with manufacturers to optimize the structure of vacuum cleaner motors, which achieves better intelligence, and leads the next evolution of smart homes. The continuous increase in household disposable income levels, coupled with the increasing health & hygiene awareness - especially in the post-pandemic era – has increase the demands of household vacuum cleaners. Household Vacuum Cleaners Market Size has shown that its market size exceeded USD 20 billion in 2019, and is estimated to grow at a CAGR of over 6.5% between 2020 and 2026. Major brands in the vacuum cleaner market are competing with each other; products with persuasive technology will be recognized by the market, turning challenges into opportunities. As an active promoter of innovation, ZHAOWEI empowers the vacuum cleaner industry to achieve intelligence, convenience, and compelling performance.  

"It has never been easier to keep the floors clean with this micro drive system for robotic vacuum cleaners."

The global robotic vacuum cleaner market is expected to grow at a considerable rate, during the forecasted period between 2020 and 2029. Changes in lifestyle, increased disposable income, rapid urbanization, population growth, and increasing purchase power are other factors driving market growth. The main pain points of current robot vacuum cleaners, however, are uneven quality, random path-planning, blind corners, and cleaning stubborn stains. Most of them highlight the cleaning function rather than suction, which brings a poor cleaning effect and user experience.  

Sweeping robot

ZHAOWEI is committed to the design of vacuum cleaner motors and the development of gear tooth shapes. As for the moving part, there is a driven steering wheel in the front, and a driving wheel on each side, which is controlled by the motor. The structure of the wheel is optimized so that the wheel has better contraction ability and increased torque. This allows the wheel to move more smoothly, even in a narrow space. Sufficient climbing ability is also fulfilled. The micro drive system controls the direction and speed of movements, has flexible response, and transmits information quickly after receiving the signal, which can effectively avoid collisions. The cleaning structure mainly comprises of a vacuum cleaner, and a rotating brush driven by a motor. ZHAOWEI adjusts the structure of the main brush gearhead to prevent motor damage from stuck hair, and reduces noise tremendously. It also uses the DC brushless motor for robotic vacuum cleaners, which have high efficiency, high torque, compact size, high control accuracy, and long service life. All of these elements contribute to good cleaning performance.  

camera lifting module

More importantly, ZHAOWEI provides a camera lifting module for its visual navigation based on laser scanning technology, as some high-end robotic vacuum cleaners are equipped with laser scanning technology. This makes up for the weakness of inaccurate distance measurement of the vacuum cleaner when using visual navigation technology.  

“Micro drive system for cordless handheld vacuum cleaners makes cleaning lives easier.”

Most of the vacuum cleaners on the market currently work by connecting the vacuum cleaner to the connector on its tube. This highlights poor flexibility, rigid rotation, and weak suction. The brush head also falls off easily, and cannot be installed, which infringes the user experience. Based on research and development, there is still much room for improvement in the dust collection capacity of the cordless handheld vacuum cleaner. ZHAOWEI provides a new, smart, and automated approach for cordless handheld vacuum cleaners with extensive features. It uses a rotating module to control the motor, which further drives the blade to run at high speed, while simultaneously supplementing the intake fan with air from the dust collection part. The dust collector will reach an instantaneous vacuum, forming a negative pressure gradient with the outside atmosphere. The action of the pressure gradient causes the dust, sucked in by the air, to be filtered through the dust filter, which then collects in the dust collection tube. The greater the negative pressure gradient, the greater the air volume and suction capacity. Through the whole process, in order to avoid the motor damage caused by hair getting stuck in the driving device, and help the brush head be more durable, ZHAOWEI optimized the structure of the main brush gear motor of the vacuum cleaner. The edge-sweeping brush gear motor simultaneously relies on the meshing of the driving gear, causing the mesh to transmit movement and power.  

Micro drive solution for cordless handheld vacuum cleaners

By adding a high-torque planetary gear motor to the brush suction head, the suction power is improved. The soft velvet roller can simultaneously handle hair easily, forcing a deep clean. 1-stage, 2-stage, 3-stage and 4-stage transmissions also meets different requirements, giving the brushless motor in the vacuum cleaner brilliant suction capacity and ideal performance. The design combination enables the strong suction, and lengthy power supply, of the cordless handheld vacuum cleaner. It proves an ideal system for most floors, floor tiles, floor mats, and short-haired carpets.  

Step into the Future of Easy, Fuss-free Cleaning

Modern homes are becoming more computerized, thereby delivering suitability and reducing the time spent on household chores. Vacuum cleaners can take the effort out of keeping the floors clean. “It is exciting to introduce such a convenient and powerful micro drive system for vacuum cleaners. We are stepping into the future of easy, fuss-free cleaning, and it is our belief that it will lead the next evolution of smart homes. We will continuously support manufacturers in becoming major and competitive players in existing and potential markets,” Product Director of ZHAOWEI said.

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