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The Prospects of Planetary Gear Motors

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According to the Research Report on the Status Quo and Prospects of China’s Motor Industry for 2019-2025 released by China Industrial Research Network, Chinese motor manufacturers coexist in foreign-owned enterprises, joint enterprises, state-owned enterprises, joint-stock enterprises, and individual enterprises. The annual output value from these enterprises have grown from several hundred thousand CNY to millions of CNY. Other countries globally are also experiencing a rapid development of planetary gear motors.

Product categories involved in the motor industry include gear motors, cycloidal pin-wheel motors, harmonic drives, and worm gear motors. The following describes the development and prospects of planetary gear motors.

Planetary Motor Achieved Mechatronics

Generally speaking, micro machines require a compact gear drive device consisting of a micro motor and planetary gearheads for deceleration and transmission. The mechatronic gear transmission’s output shaft is coaxial with the input shaft, and the motor shaft is closely connected to the load. In structure, the motor shaft can be connected with the output shaft of the planetary gear motor. In other words, both the motor shaft and the gear shaft of the sun gear (“A”) are connected to the same main shaft. The output shaft of the planetary gear motor (the shaft that connected to internal gear “E”) is a combined output shaft. The built-in gear drive device is combined with the motor and planetary gear reducer, so that the output shaft can be directly connected to the working machine. In order to make this kind of micro machine practical, the compact size and functionality of the planetary gear motor are required.  


Metal Planetary Gear Motor       

The Applications of Planetary Gear Motor

Planetary gear motors can be used in any application the requires high output and torque in a compact, low-noise design. They are mainly used in smart cars, consumer electronics, medical technology, intelligent robots, communication equipment, medical electronics, automatic industrial devices, and smart homes.  


Plastic Planetary Gear Motor 

Gear Motor Lubrication

Gear motor lubrication plays an important role in the micro planetary gear motor transmissions. Generally speaking, for gear motors that transmit driving force, the smaller the main shaft diameter, the greater the proportion of friction torque to the total power loss. However, it’s not easy to accurately measure small friction torques on micro machines. After calculation, the frictional torque of the micro planetary gear will increase in the loss proportion of the total power loss. Research is currently being conducted on the micro planetary gear motor lubrication to promote performance.

The application of gear motors can accelerate the development of electric power, construction machinery, construction materials, and energy. With the increasing importance of the machinery manufacturing industry, the demand for gear motors by enterprises also increases. In short, the production of gear motors will enter a competitive stage to meet market demand.


  Customized Gear Motor

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