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The Application of Gear Motor

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Widely used transmission devices, gear motors consist mainly of a drive motor and reducer. Types of gear motors include large-scale gear motors, mini gear motors, planetary gear motors, DC gear motors, stepper motors, coreless motors, worm gear motors, brushed gear motors, brushless gear motors, and so on. 

There are many uses for gear motors. Large-scale gear motors are large in size, have a high power, large deceleration range and high torque. They’re frequently used in industries like metallurgy, coal, construction material, shipping, water conservancy, electricity, construction machinery and petrochemicals. 

Characterized by small size, low noise, high transmission precision, large deceleration range and high torque, mini gear motors are mainly used in intelligent automobiles, consumer electronics, medical technology, intelligent robots, communication equipment, medical electronics, automatic industry devices, smart homes, and so on. 


Gear motors for robots are used in a variety of ways. Among them, those that use planetary gearheads are called planetary gear motors. Planetary gear motors share the torsional load over several planet gears, making them effective when higher torque is required. In addition, gear motors can use either AC or DC as their current source. When a motor uses direct current, it is called a DC gear motor. DC gear motors are widely used in electronic products, printers, aircrafts, robots, logistics equipment, smart locks, precision instruments, etc.     


Since stepper gear motors and other control motors are designed to allow accurate positioning, the gearheads used for these motors must provide the same level of accuracy. Stepper gear motors are often used in tripod heads for cameras, automotive gauges, dispensing valve motors, robotic arms, electric curtains, smart sofas, etc.   

Similarities and differences exist between different types of gear motors. For example, mini gear motors that use planetary gearheads can be called mini planetary gear motors. Choose the most suitable gear motor based on the scenario you intend for it to be used in.

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