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Opportunity Comes to Sensor Pump Manufacturers

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According to Business Insider, luxury goods group LVMH announced on Sunday (Mar. 15th) that in order to alleviate the shortage of hand sanitizer, its three major perfume factories will switch to hand sanitizer production. According to data from the MIIT, as of Feb.13th, the daily output of hand sanitizer production has reached 205 tons, compared to only 44 thousand tons in 2019. Following the urgent need for hand sanitizers, opportunities for related manufacturers have come.  

Facing a huge hand sanitizer market, the automatic soap dispenser is indispensable. Automatic soap dispensers make full use of the sensor to avoid secondary pollution caused by pressing. In addition, some automatic soap dispensers in the market still face some shortcomings, such as lack of soap regulation, or high costs of disposable bottles. As a smart home systems manufacturer, ZHAOWEI closely follows market demand and provides sensor pump micro drive systems. The sensor pump gear motor makes helps achieve the intelligent timing and quantitative supply. They have great stability, small volume, low energy consumption, and low-noise.    


The motor control module composed of the micro motor of the ZHAOWEI sensor pump, and the plastic gear, is installed at the bottom of hand sanitizing machine. The gear pump helps solve the problem of liquid backflow and output flow. Compared to traditional soap dispensers, the sensor pump enabled by the drive system is more cost-effective, because hand sanitizer can be added inside and replaced as needed. You can choose a suitable hand sanitizer at will and make full use of the sensor pump multiple times without having to buy the same brand of hand sanitizer.   


Traditional soap dispensers currently on the market fail to be filled with hand sanitizer prepared by customers because of their relatively simple mechanical structure. A narrow tube is usually inserted to the bottom of the soap dispenser bottle. Hand sanitizer flows from the bottle to the large hole in the inner lid. Then, driven by the internal pressure of the sealed container, combined with the function of the sensor, foam is formed and sprayed. In order to control the hand sanitizer flow of the sensor pump, a micro motor is encapsulated in the drive module. Combined with the gear module, the sensor pump is more valuable because it can effectively control soap, improve foaming efficiency, reduce noise, and even prolong service life.   

The pandemic has created many business opportunities. These sensor pump manufacturers should seize these opportunities to enhance market competitiveness. Moving forward, ZHAOWEI also provides micro drive systems and electronic drive motor modules for these home appliances manufacturers.

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