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Geared Motors for Robot Vacuum Parameters

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The main transmission structure of the brushless geared motors for the robot vacuum consists of the brushless motor and gearbox. Its common power is below 50W, the voltage is below 24V, the diameter is less than 38mm. In order to better meet the market demand, custom technical parameter services are usually used. For example, the technical parameters provided by ZHAOWEI such as the output speed, rated voltage, diameter, gearbox reduction ratio, output torque, transmission noise, and service life of the brushless motor can be customized.

The Technical Parameters of Geared Motors for Robot Vacuum

Product category: Brushless Geared Motor
Product specifications: Φ20MM (can be customized)
Voltage: 12V
No-load current: 220 mA (can be customized)
Load speed: 2.4-1000 rpm (can be customized)
Reduction ratio: 5/25/125/625:1 (can be customized)
Drive motor: brushless motor
Gearbox type: planetary gearbox

Project Name: Gear Motors for Robot Vacuum

Sweeping robot

Project Introduction:

Based on the analysis of the gearbox of traditional robot vacuum and the redevelopment of the gear tooth profile, ZHAOWEI has optimized the structure of the wheels to make the wheel have better contraction ability and increase torque to make the wheel move more smoothly even in a narrow space. The gearbox structure of the main brush is also optimized to prevent the motor from hair stuck. Meanwhile, the combination of gearhead and motor helps to reduce noise effectively.

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