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What are DC Gear Motors, and How Do They Work?

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The Global DC Gear Motors Market is expected to grow at an exponential rate in the future. The growing demand for power transmission tools by manufacturing units, the increasing attention to efficiency of mechanical power transmission, and the expanding infrastructure in emerging areas are driving the development of the DC gear motor market.  

What are DC Gear Motors?

A DC Gear Motor, also known as DC Geared Motor, or Speed Reduction Motor, is the combination of a DC motor and gearbox. It used direct current power. In most cases, the purpose of adding a gearbox is to limit the speed of the motor shaft, and increase the output torque of the motor. From robots to automobiles, DC gear motors are often used in small and medium-sized car applications due to their wide range of functions. In order to construct a DC motor, a magnetic field must be established. The magnetic field is established by using magnets, and can be an electromagnet, or a permanent magnet.   

A Permanent Magnet DC motor (or PMDC motor) is a DC motor that uses  permanent magnets to create the magnetic field required for the operation of the DC motor. The stator of a PMDC motor is made of permanent magnets, and is mechanically commutated via brushes and commutators. In addition to the PMDC motor, the PMDC gear motor is also equipped with a gearbox to effectively control torque output and speed. PMDC gear motors are, in fact, widely used, especially in various vehicles such as automobiles and motorcycles.

ZHAOWEI is provides the research & development of PMDC gear motors, gaining more popularity in its products. The ZHAOWEI DC Gear Motor series is a breakthrough development in micro-motor technology, providing a series of customized PMDC gear motor options with high precision and good design. The improved power density and efficiency of the DC motor gearhead series enables designers to create products that are compact in size, and lighter in weight.   

ZHAOWEI PMDC gear motors have multiple advantages including eliminating spark interference, reducing noise, prolonging service life, and facilitating control, which can better meet your needs. All of these advantages can create ideal systems for challenging applications such as automobiles, medical technology, home automation, industrial equipment, and robotics.

How do DC geared motors work?

Before understanding how to use a DC gear motor, it is also important to understand the working principle of a DC geared motor. As its name suggests, DC gear motors use direct current power to work. After connecting the corresponding DC gear motor, the output speed can be effectively reduced, and the output torque can be increased. In other words, adding a gearhead to the motor reduces the speed while increasing  torque output. The torque of the DC geared motor can be obtained through the structure of the gearboxes connected to each other. Obviously, the function of a DC geared motor is to move or rotate the final required shaft at a required RPM slower than the motor. With this reduced RPM, the DC motor will become a high-torque geared DC motor, which can apply higher torque to the shaft or to the object being rotated.  Its working principle is that when the electric current passes through the rotor through the commutator, because it is in the magnetic field, it rotates. This rotational force is used to perform mechanical work. The working principle of PMDC gear motor is similar to the general working principle of a DC motor, creating the ideal torque output and speed  you need.

As for the parameters of gear motors, the important parts are speed (rpm), torque (lb-in) and efficiency (%). Each application has specific requirements for speed, torque and efficiency. It is recommended that you first calculate the load, speed and torque requirements according to your application, so that you can select a suitable gear motor for your application.  


Whether it’s a small DC gear motor, a 12V DC gear motor, or others, the DC gear motor is used to powering a significant number of machines and applications, and it still plays a vital role in various aspects. Why not choose a suitable DC gear motor to further empower your products?

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